Onesta- Honest food Delightful memories

Yes, this is what we understood during our visit to Onesta- Honest food and delightful memories.

It is one of a kind experience as you are seated rooftop and served with a whole range of gourmet pizzas, tastefully made appetizers, lip smacking deserts and a great variety of non alcoholic beverages. Their claims of preparing pizza and appetizer on order seemed to be true as the pizzas took close to 30 minutes to reach our tables, they were served pipping hot and the ingredients looked fresh.

LOCATION: Onesta is located in Indiranagar, on CMH road. When travelling from Domlur one needs to turn right at KFC Signal and Onesta is located 200-300 meters on your left.

AMBIANCE: It is rooftop, airy, soothing fragrance all over because of hanging plants, flower pots, wooden furniture all over which gives this place a rustic look. Décor is cosy and a perfect place to relax, sit back and eat in peace! The place is adorned by a bicycle as well (a nice touch). Cutlery stand houses some fine shiny weapons of food, the stand in itself is picture perfect with its rusty looking finish.

BEVERAGES: We tried Green Apple Cooler, Orange Mint Cooler, Fresh Lime Basil Fizz. They were refreshing and each one had its own unique taste, all of them being tall drinks.

  • Green apple cooler has essence of green apple with sprite base and hints of lime juice.
  • Fresh lime basil fizz will be a favourite among basil lovers. The drink is garnished adequately with Basil leaves. Lots of fizz as the name suggests, along with lime flavour.
  • Orange mint cooler had mild hints of orange along with mint flavour, definitely stood out amongst other drinks. This was my personal favourite as well.DSC_0421

SHORT EATS: This part of the menu consisted of Bruschettas, fries and starters. We were lucky enough to try almost all of them.

  • Bruschettas consisted of 3 varieties. Tomato Aioli is a simple preparation garnished with herbs and seasoned with a white sauce. Next was Sun dried tomato which is a must have. The tomatoes are made tangy enough to contrast the taste of cheese. I did not get to try the third option ‘Broccoli and cheese’ as it was kept aside for vegetarian folks!!
  • FriesFrench fries and Potato wedges were mediocre when compared to other options. I don’t blame Onesta here, but the case is- when you can get some exotic items on the menu, why go for fries? Nonetheless, they were good and yummy. We all know Potato and Mayo always go hand in hand 😀
  • Starters- This is the next interesting part of the menu as the quality of starters served was way above our expectations. Be it chicken or fish, the quality of sauce, garnishing, the dips provided.. Everything was done perfectly. Fish fingers served with tartar sauce, moderately battered giving it a not so crunchy texture (exactly how it is supposed to be). Crispy fish with Tropical salsa is also a decent buy for fish lovers, in my opinion the fruit salsa did not go well with fish’s crispy layer. Chicken tenders with sweet chilly sauce and crispy chicken with BBQ sauce were my favourites from this section of the menu. The sauces used in the preparing these dishes were just superb. The dip served was equally complimenting.

PIZZAS: Finally we come to the section which also is the USP of Onesta. The menu is vast and probably has all possible combinations that one can make with the available set of ingredients. It is good in a way as it serves a larger customer base, at the same time one is spoilt for choices 😀

  • Wasabi Mayo Chicken– The costliest of the lot, and rightly so because of the ingredients used. The chef had done a great job at controlling the essence of it (heard Wasabi has a strong pungency associated with it). The Chicken and mushroom marinated with an overdose of Mayo was good.
  • Chicken Pineapple with Jalapeño– This pizza is one of the fusion kinds where chicken meets pineapple, it is a pretty unusually pair but this pizza was a hit amongst everyone in the group.
  • Prawn pesto– Basically prawns topped on a base which contains pesto sauce (made of garlic, basil and olive oil). Pesto overpowered the taste of prawn. It wasn’t to my liking.
  • Bullseye– Now this is the creative one – egg baked on a pizza. Yes, it tastes as interesting as it sounds. The base consists of cheese and crunchy pepper.
  • 3 cheese with mushrooms– Cheese lovers should look no further as this pizza has Cheddar, mozzarella and smoked cheese. I felt the mushrooms were just an add-on as it is the cheese part which sets this pizza apart from others.

LDSC_0459.jpgASAGNE: I got to try Lamb lasagne here and it was okayish. It was oozing with cheese no doubt, but the lamb filling could be improved. As of now the cheese flavour was all over the dish. The dish is served with garlic bread. It scored full marks for presentation though.

DESERTS: Portions were small and deserts are priced in the range of 30-50 bucks. One can get spoilt for choices as the options are many. We (again 😛 ) tried almost everything.

  • Tiramisu – The most famous desert available. It is coffee and cocoa flavoured, combined with whipped cream and mascarpone cheese. Loved the way it was served in a tiny cup.
  • Caramel Walnut Tart – Supposed to be gulped in one go and every bite of it is so delicious.  The caramel melts in mouth and goes well with crumbled walnuts.
  • Chilly Chocolate Tart – Dark chocolate coated over red paprika with hints of caramel.
  • Lemon Mousse – Tangy stuff here!! It is as yellow as it can get, and has slightly jelly like texture.
  • Honey Walnut Parfait – Base included whipped yoghurt and honey topped over crunchy walnuts. It was a sweet bomb!

SERVICE: We were treated with so much care! Staff is aware of the vast menu. We got to interact with the person in charge who gave us an insight about the origin of Onesta and how this new outlet carries forward the value of serving honest food at great prices. Our feedbacks were recorded well by the management. One concern raised by us was that pizzas took a lot of time to reach our tables, it was justified aptly by showing us the entire process that goes into making of fresh, made-to-order pizzas.



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