Indian Paratha Company – 24th FBAB Meet

Indian Paratha Company (IPC) is an up-scale Coffee shop founded in August, 2014. Yes the place is relatively new but has caught the attention of countless travellers in a short span of time. All credit goes to its European look and feel, presentation and styling of dishes and moreover- the focus given on serving high quality Indian snacks. Paratha is by far the most consumed food in Indian highway scenario, mainly because of its simple, stomach filling and easy on pocket nature. It has its origin from Northern India, but the art of making it is well mastered by IPC.


LOCATION: One needs to get on to the flyover after Esteem mall and the place is close to 28 km from there. You need to take the service road once you reach the Nandi Hills junction and proceed (approx) half a km find IPC on your left.

AMBIANCE: It is designed keeping European concept in mind. The place sits proudly on solitary surroundings which makes it more calm and peaceful. The wooden finishing gives it a rustic look. I would prefer coming here on early morning or evening when the sun sets down. The place is a delight to watch with subtle lightings all over. I would rate this place a 5 on 5 when it comes to Ambiance. One can choose to sit outside facing the highway which I personally prefer, compared to tables placed inside (they are good on a sunny day).


BEVERAGES: They have a vast menu for beverages which includes cold and hot blends with some very innovative combinations. Our welcome drink was a simple looking glass of Lassi, Patiala Lassi to be more specific. One sip of it makes you realise that Lassi is not simple, it is thick (like how it is served in North India), rich in flavours emitting essence of Saffron and Mango.

We also had Irish Coffee. This one is a tricky beverage as it gets slightly bitter on sipping it after the initial layer of sweet cream/milk gets over. Pure coffee lovers might love this drink.


STARTERS: We were served an assorted platter which included Paneer, Onion and chilli Pakoda. Pakoda (or Pakora) is a fried fritter covering the base veggies in a nice crispy outer layer of flour batter. It was served with tomato ketchup and garnished with Chaat masala giving it a spicy feel.


MAIN COURSE: It was now time to taste their USP- the parathas. We were told that their best preparations would be served to us, so this raised my expectations and I was eagerly waiting for it.

We started off with Achari Masti Paratha, it is named Achari because of stuffed pickle within Paratha. They have carefully chosen the intensity of pickle which is stuffed inside as the overall taste of this particular dish was good. It is best had with yoghurt and extra pickle.


Next in line was Parathzza, derived from Paratha + Pizza! I am not sure about who came out with this concept of preparing Pizza on a paratha base, but it surely is my favourite. Parathzza comes under one of those things which I usually don’t miss out in any restaurant serving Indian fusion dishes. So in IPC, we chanced upon the Paneer Tikka Parathzza, flavours of Paneer tikka (Indian dish) was so evident and the mild doses of cheese did wonders. I liked the way each portion was cut into slices to depict an actual pizza.


DESSERTS: Irish Coffee (covered above) and Kulfi was served. Kulfi is something which I would definitely order whenever I visit IPC next time. It is delicious and melts in your mouth on every bite. It is a plain Kulfi with no additional flavours, exactly how I like. Almond garnishing on top of is a nice touch.

VERDICT: This is one of those places where one would sit back, relax and enjoy the endless highway view. The location is spot on, amidst the hilly background. Definitely serves as a good option for drive+dine outing. IPC is a den for super-bikes and super-cars on weekends, so one can chance upon having the pleasure of sighting those mean machines up front!! 😀 From food perspective, they have focussed on Paratha and have a lot of variety to keep you engaged throughout. Beverages and dessert options are again vast. Would surely recommend this place for a scenic gastronomical journey.
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