Waffle Walle – Waffles to Baffle your taste buds

Waffle is a very famous household name in European countries like Belgium, France, and Netherlands. The fancy word is directly derived from the Dutch wafel, meaning honeycomb or cake. Few outlets in Bangalore serve actual and authentic waffle, Waffle Walle is one amongst the firsts to do so. The best part about waffle is that it can be tailored with no confines that have resulted in enormous number of options to opt from. Waffle Walle serves- Brussels and liege variants, both having their individual characteristics and exclusivity. I shall be covering a hand full of them in this post.

LOCATION: One needs to arrive at Royal Meenakshi mall on Bannergetta road to spot this cart resembling food joint. Though positioned inside the mall compound, you will find Waffle Walle on its periphery. Make sure you don’t go looking for it in the food court. I would say the location is spot on as anyone entering or exiting the mall can easily spot this catchy establishment. It depicts a waffle in itself as the walls are plastered with waffle prints all over making it look conspicuous.

Since this was my first attempt at trying out waffle, the owner Chetan Kedia explained key differences between the two kinds of waffles that they offer. I will try my best to sum them up.


Brussels Waffle – These are more on the softer side because of the light batter (yeast-leavened) used, they have large squares with deep pockets. Easily broken using the plastic spoons provided!

Liege Waffle – Liege is made up of thick bread dough like batter making it thick and sticky. These taste sweet, thanks to caramelized sugar chunks. The texture is dense. They are chewy and have got uneven edges.

Concept in Waffle Walle: One can pick between the ‘fixed menu’ and ‘make your own waffle’.

‘Fixed Menu’ has pre-set toppings and fixed waffle base, there is too little scope of customization. That’s the centerpiece here as it renders no space for mistakes. Chetan has curated the menu after a lot of research and experimentation to perfect each of his dish.

The later is for the aficionados, folks who are conscious of what they want to savor or probably know more about waffles. One gets to choose the type of-

  • Sauce (Hot Belgian Chocolate, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Caramel, Honey, Maple, Nutella, Rasberry and Rose)
  • Fruit (Banana, Pineapple, Kiwi, Blueberry and Strawberry)
  • Ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Blueberry)
  • Nut (Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew and Assorted Nuts)
  • Sprinklers and Extra toppings (Rainbow, Sprinklers, Choco sprinklers, Oreos, Chocolate sticks, Gems, Choco chips and Ferrero Rocher)

One is left spoilt for choice by the variety available on the house

There is another section called ‘Waffle ka Hangover’ where you get to choose between Waffle tower and Insanity waffle. These are a meal in itself and a good buy for couples 😛

Now comes the interesting part, showcasing what we were treated with


Classic Waffle with Ice cream (L) and Whipped Cream (R)

CLASSIC – Brussels Waffle at its truest form along with maple syrup. It has got minimal toppings so that one can enjoy the true taste of waffle. We had two versions of it- whipped cream and ice cream toppings.


Yummy Tummy (L) and Indulgence (R)

YUMMY TUMMY – This was the first Liege waffle that we had and the difference in texture was evident. It had rough edges and was chewier. Yummy Tummy is a combination of Banana (sliced), Nutella and fresh whipped cream.

INDULGENCE – Liege Waffle had strawberries spread all over it and topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. It had Belgian hot chocolate sauce which is dense, dark and chocolaty. For me this sauce tasted way better than Nutella!!


Blueberry Exotica

BERRY EXOTICA – It is a must have waffle for blueberry lovers. You get blueberry sauce along with fresh blueberry fruit dropped in every square of the waffle. Focus here is the blueberry flavored ice cream topping in order to complete the exotic preparation.


Caramel Waffle

Our very own Customized Caramel Waffle – We had a caramel lover among us (Donovan). To satiate his Caramel rush, Chetan decided to prepare one out of the menu. It was yummilicious. This is by far the best part about waffle making, though the base remains the same, one can deviate endlessly with the toppings to ensemble their individual zest.


Brownie Delight

BROWNIE DELIGHT – Conventional Brownie topped with Vanilla ice cream and Belgium chocolate sauce, sprinkled with sugar. Brownie was spot on, it was rich, dense and fudgy with lot of chocolate chips scattered. This is the lone dessert option in Waffle Walle (unless you consider Waffle itself to be a dessert!!)IMG_20160312_172441060

BELGIAN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK – A delicious combination of Belgian chocolate on wooden stick and hot milk. This came in with a twist as there was Cayenne Pepper in the milk which made sure the drink was not a sweet bomb on the whole. There was a mild secondary pepper flavor which pinches your throat as you gulp. I was totally in love with that spicy tinge added.

FINAL VERDICT: Waffles are something which I feel is still unexplored in Bangalore (atleast for me as this was my first time). A lot of new comers are entering this food industry with the intention of selling only Waffles. I would not be surprised to see more upcoming outlets of Waffle Walle in other parts of Bangalore as the one in Bannerghatta has definitely won many hearts and it makes sense because they serve authentic Belgium Waffles. The passion which Chetan has towards serving the best of the ingredients to make a wholesome preparation will take this venture to great heights.

They do accept take away orders and have got a funky looking packaging box which has some interesting lines written over it about Waffles. I won’t be posting the picture of the box as it is best understood while savoring Waffles!

You can view more about Waffle Walle by clicking here.
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