Kick Out the Jams – Midnight Delivery

Kick Out The JAMS (KOTJ in short) is a Food Delivery-Only startup which was instigated by five childhood acquaintances (and their handsome Labrador!!) sharing a common passion for Bacon and food. It started operations from November, 2015 and has been on a rise since then. So fundamentally, KOTJ is here to solve a commonly faced problem among us youngsters – Midnight Hunger. Their primary objective is to help folks who are in need of some greasy feel-good food in the middle of the night – helping them sleep, work, love, drink and make merry. Next up, they are here to give other online-delivery-only platforms a good competition in dinner section as well.

Currently they accommodate Koramangala, Indiranagar, HSR Layout and Ejipura and are planning to expand to Marathalli very soon. Orders are taken from 8 PM to 2 AM making it hit that sweet spot with respect to timings.
I am grateful to the folks who run this incredible venture as they sent some samplers from KOTJ’s vast menu. Read on to know more…

MENU – It is primarily catalogued as Burgers (Veg and Non Veg), Pizzas by the slice, Pastas and Lasagna, Beginners and Enders (Appetizers and Desserts). I like the way each item on their menu is named- quirky and witty in short. The centerpiece of this menu is that you are forced to read the description of every dish and this simultaneously makes you familiar of what goes into the making of the dish that you choose to order.. Thoughtful!!



PACKAGING – Burgers are packed in transparent plastic boxes, they are custom made and vary in size in accordance to that of burger that they contain. Pizza slices and desserts are packed securely in brown bags- neat and functional. Starters and Lasagna came in foil containers which ensured the content remained hot and fresh. Food boxes were labeled clearly indicating what they carried. I feel customized containers/boxes with KOTJ’s branding can improve the overall feel. Diligence into making the packaging look appealing is recommended.

STARTERS – Pretty good options available here for hard core non vegetarians as you get to choose from Bacon laded delights, chicken wings in two signature flavors and beef chunks dipped in BBQ sauce. A second look at the menu makes you realize that the vegetarian folks are slightly left out as they get to choose between Mushroom starter and fries.


The Excalibur Reborn

We had ‘The Excalibur Reborn’‘The Jared wings’ and ‘Mario’s Trip’, each having its own uniqueness. The Excalibur Reborn is an ideal example of greasy food and goes down pretty well. Basically, it is Bacon sausage wrapped with a layer of Egg and Cheese. Calorie alert!!


The Jared Wings

Next up was the Jared Chicken Wings, it was dry on the outside and sprinkled with loads of Cajun spices. This one contains lot of spices because of which the actual flavor of chicken takes sometime to surface. I would suggest using slightly lesser quantity of spices so as to attain symmetry in taste.


Mario’s Trip

Mario’s Trip is a mushroom based appetizer. Mushroom caps filled with cheese, butter and tiny caramelized onion pieces blended well. Butter glaze on top made it look very appetizing and it tasted good overall.

BURGERS – Burgers had 15 varieties in total. Here you can find genus of combinations ranging from BBQed Chicken to pulled Pork patty burgers. My order contained their signature – The Habitat and herbs infused burger- Maximus Oink.

“The Habitat” is something which can fill your tummy in a couple of bites but makes you crave for more at the end of it. Fillings included Bacon, fries and double portions of Cheese.


Maximus Oink

Maximus Oink was slightly sobered down when compared to ‘The Habitat’. This one is filled with minced pork patty topped with Bacon and some secret herbs! Don’t go by the size of the burgers, they might look small but have got rich fillings making them heavy on your tummy! Definitely worth the price.

PIZZA BY THE SLICE – I personally like the concept of ordering Pizzas by the slice, Reason being it gets very monotonous to chew when having a full sized pizza. Serving based on slices ensures that you get to taste wide variety of pizzas available. A very remarkable idea indeed. Quantity alert – Massive slice size!!


Meat your maker (L) and The Dong (R)

We tried ‘Meat your maker’ and ‘The Dong’. Unusual names again!! Here is how they tasted- ‘Meat you Maker’ is one of their original preparation. It is a combination of two kinds of meat (chicken and pork) along with speckled veggies. ‘The Dong’ has sausage slices buried deep inside the cheesy top layer. Both the slices were an absolute delight. SUGGESTION- Make sure you savor them when hot.


Garfield Minefield Lasagna

LASAGNA – Garfield Minefield Lasagna was what we binged on. Layered, flat shaped pasta with loads of white sauce and cheese adorn this dish. It is available in Veg, Chicken, Pork or Beef as primary filling. We had the Chicken version and every layer was rich in chicken and cheese essence. It gets heavy on your tummy again and is total value for money.


Chocolate and Caramel Pastry

DESSERT – Though Kick Out the Jams focuses primarily on fast food they have not abandoned the dessert section. This section has been laid down pretty well as they have covered the base by including everything from Cupcakes to Cheesecakes including Mousse, Pastries and the ever famous Tiramisu. We chanced upon Chocolate and Caramel Pastry. The sinful combination of rich chocolate along with caramel does make you crave for more. Initial salted sugary flavor of caramel is very soon subdued by that of chocolate. It was a delightful way to end my dinner.

GRUBITIZER’s TAKE – Kick Out The Jams is here to stay! Their USP lies in bacon and chicken imbued preparations and they are doing a great job at it. Currently orders are taken via Zomato, telephone (Whatsapp included) and their own website for online ordering is in pipeline. Very soon they will be catering to lunch/day service as well- good news! Grubitizer recommends KOTJ for midnight hunger pangs and wishes them good luck for this amazing venture.

Prices are very much reasonable and works out to be around 350-400 for two.

Kick Out the Jams Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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