Jackfruit365 Experience at Grand Mercure Bengaluru

We got to explore some interesting concepts over the weekend, something that has been trending in the culinary world lately – healthy indulgences. So the invite had the subject with the word ‘Jackfruit’ in it, what made me sceptical was this image of delicious Vadas along with it! Things did not match up, curiosity was at its peak and I accepted the invite!

The event was scheduled for breakfast and waking up early on a Sunday morning quite a task! However, the calm and soothing ambience of Grand Mercure Bengaluru made us forget it all. We were seated at 12th Main (one of the restaurants here) in the outdoor section. It is a beautiful setup with a lot of greenery around, a pond-like water body running across the place, dark wooden furniture and plenty of natural light coming in.


Mr James Joseph, founder – Jackfruit365

We were greeted with the welcome note by Mr. James Joseph, founder of Jackfruit365. He took us through the inspiring journey about how this product came into existence and what triggered the idea behind it. There are a lot of health benefits of including jackfruit in our daily diet and the same was stressed upon. I would like to list out some of them below:

  • Jackfruit is #1 superfood for weight loss in 2016 – Health Magazine
  • Reduce weight: Lowest in Calories when compared to one cup of white rice and two whole wheat Rotis.
  • Beat Diabetes: Lowest in Glycemic Load – Raw Jackfruit as a meal has lower Glycemic index vs Standard Meal – Ceylon Medical Journal.
  • It always keeps thyroid healthy.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Prevents osteoporosis and anaemia.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease.

During the season, Jackfruit is used in many traditional Indian preparations. It is during the off-season, the usage mainly revolves around packaged food, chips or canned fruit. Jackfuit365 as a product is peeled, freeze-dried which is then packed at HACCP certified plant. Premium quality jackfruit which is sourced during peak season is used in the making of Jackfruit365.

It was now time to dive into breakfast, breakfast with a twist I would say! So, the entire spread had Jackfruit infused in it and we were surprised to see how well the end-results came out to be.


Welcome Drink made from Jackfruit

Our welcome drink was Jackfruit smoothie, strong aromas of Jackfruit set this apart from other things that we tried. It was quite refreshing, so much that I ended up having a couple of them!


Jackfruit Galouti Kebab

Next dish was a surprise package, it was the Jackfruit Galouti Kebab. The texture here was very similar to that of its non-veg counterpart (read Mutton Galouti Kebab). They were served on these mini naans and topped with a tinge of cream


Jackfruit Bonda

We all love Bondas, it is common street food in the South. Addition of Jackfruit as an ingredient converted it into a healthy snack (relatively healthy)! The green mint chutney went well with these bite sized snacks.


Jackfruit Leaves Idly


Jackfruit Paniyaram

It was the perfect setup to depict how jackfruit could be infused in our daily diet. There were plenty of dishes like Appam, Upma, Paniyaram, Idli, Pancakes, all of which were prepared by infusing Jackfruit 365. I took tasting bites of them all and personally loved the Jackfruit Seed Curry which is a Kerala speciality.


Breakfast Combination – 1

Next up, I paired the Dosa with this nice and rich Egg Ghee Roast, probably the only items which did not have Jackfruit in it!!


Breakfast Combination – 2


Egg Ghee Roast

We also tried the Pancakes that had sugar sprinkled on them along with bits of Jackfruit365.



Like every other good or bad thing in life, this insightful breakfast event also came to an end! All of us took home a goodie bag that had a poster stressing on the importance of Jackfruit, a pack of Jackfruit365 product, a recipe book on how to use this product in various recipes and a branded coffee mug! We all parted after the group picture.

Here’s wishing James and his team a great success with this venture that aims at increasing the health quotient of our lives, via Jackfruit365!

For more information, visit their website by clicking here .

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