SE01E02: UB City Food Walk at Fava & Caperberry

My previous post tried to highlight some UB City in general. Here on everything you read will be about food and different types of cuisines available from various restaurants in UB City! So, our first visit was at Fava, a specialty restaurant known for its Mediterranean cuisine. Fava overlooks the beautifully built amphitheater and is airy enough to revive your senses. This restaurant is a brainchild of celebrity Chef Abhijit Saha, the winner of ‘Best Chef in India Award’ in 2013. He is also the man behind this exciting menu which offers an excellent selection of traditional dishes from the Mediterranean land.


The first item to arrive from their stable was A Dozen Mezze platter. This platter which can be shared by 4 people easily comes in a large wooden housing. It consists of some very unique dips and supposed be eaten with various accompaniments which came along with it.


Mezze Platter Accompaniments

It had Omi Huriya- the Tunisian Carrot Dip, Muhammara – Walnuts stirred with salt and olive oil, Hummus, Walnut & Goat Cheese Dip, Mint Labneh – Mix of mint and parsley, Greek Tzatziki – a yogurt based dip with mixed cucumber, garlic, salt olive oil and vinegar and Falafel. This platter comes with pita bread and bread sticks goes well with the dips.


Signature Live Micro Green Salad

Our next entrant was a grand set up called – Signature Live Micro Green Salad. It is called live because the salad is made right at your table which ensures to keep you involved! Micro greens possess very high nutritional values and is considered to be extremely healthy.


Signature Live Micro Green Salad

Micro Greens used – Sunflower, Radish, Beetroot Shoots.

Additions – Roasted Almonds, Tomatoes, Balsamic Reduction, Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Garnishing – Pepper, Salt and Parmesan cheese.


Veg Kebab Platter

Then came in two assorted Kebab platters, one veg and the other non veg. Portions are huge and presented in a very appetizing manner. The veg platter included – Fava specail stuffed Kibbeh, a Middle Eastern delight which has bulgur and minced onions. Cottage cheese and vegetable skewers which were well marinated and added lot of spicy flavors. The third item part of this platter was Mushroom, Broccoli and Onion Sheesh Kebab, a simple yet delightful addition to this platter.


Non Veg Kebab Platter

Non Veg Kebab Platter had Chicken Souvlakia which is nothing but Chicken Skewers, Lamb Kofte Kebab and Turkish Fish Kebab. My favorite was Turkish Fish Kebab, the marination was perfect and the meat easily melts in your mouth, definitely a must have.


Ravioli – Sun dried tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Last bit from the Kitchen of Fava was a pasta, the flat shaped Ravioli filled with veggies and covered in layers of sage butter sauce. The pasta is so creamy & Raviolis are so smooth and soft that it melts in your mouth. Bits of Sun-Dried tomatoes scattered over it added the much needed tangy aftertaste in the pasta.

You can visit their website by clicking here Fava

DSC_0300 Another restaurant in the same property is Caperberry, a flagship restaurant by award winning Chef Abhijit Saha. This place is determined to serve you a very special type of cuisine – Modernist European Cuisine! Their way of presenting the dishes takes few clues from Molecular Gastronomy.


Mahon Cheese Triangles


Smoked Yellow Bell Pepper Espuma

The dishes that came from kitchens of Caperberry were significantly different from what was presented in Fava, which is obvious 😀 We were served with some extremely picture friendly dishes. Very soon, our table was covered with some of their famous dishes like Smoked Yellow Bell Pepper Espuma, Escalivada, Mahon Cheese Triangles which are served in tiny chai glasses with tomato puree at the bottom.


Deconstructed Seafood Paella

Paella, it is an exotic preparation originated in Valencia Country. We had two variants of Paella – Deconstructed Seafood and Vegetarian, I would rather like to call it as Spanish Sushi!


Vegetarian Paella

This dish makes use of short, round grained rice which is tightly packed because of its stickiness. Seafood one had Prawns and fish which is torn apart in a very clean manner and placed carefully over the rice stacks.


Chicken Al Ajilo

Chicken Al Ajilo, a spicy chicken starter which is high on spices. Primary ingredients here are Garlic, Chili, olive oil and parsley.

You can visit their website by clicking here: Caperberry


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