SE01E03: UB City Food Walk at Rasavora

Welcome back to the next episode of our UB City food walk. After indulging on some super awesome food in Fava and Caperberry, our next stop was at Rasavora – The Royal Kitchen. A place is known for its mysterious blends between Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines. Rasavora brings you the the magical food from palaces and their royal kitchens. Everything you see here, right from the cutlery used to the presentation of food is a leaf straight out of royalty and it is associated with an equally rich gastronomic legacy.

IMG_20160616_154629044 It is a different experience altogether, the royal treatment begins from the moment you step in, as you are welcomed with Chandan ka teeka. A very noble gesture that has a myth associated with it which says that applying Teeka between your brows helps you open the third eye which in turn helps you to connect more deeply with your food, interesting isn’t it! IMG_20160616_150623047

The first thing that catches your attention is the kansa thali, an ancient handmade thali which has immense health benefits on which food is served. Next is the system which involves a person coming to you with a golden bowl and jar to let you wash hands, this was the first time I was witnessing something like this and it did manage to impress me.

DSC_0387 The kingly feast here begins with the welcome drink, it was the Kairi Panna aka Aam Panna and Anar Soda Shikhanji, the drinks were definitely refreshing and did manage to increase our apetite. Our starters included Pizza Dhokla – a dish which is a result of experiment and experience of the Shahi Khansamas. Mawa Karanjia, Corn Cheese Chili Bowl and Sunehri Tikki and Palak Mutjiya. DSC_0388

Then dish after dish kept covering every nook and corner of our customised Kansa thali and it was a very smooth transition to main course. First to arrive was the Special dish of the day – Dal Baati Churma, a traditional Rajasthani treat. This is a combination of spicy Dal, sweet Churma and fried Baatis, it was easily the winner for me out of this massive spread.


Curries had a nice set of options which covered almost all bases, we had Paneer Kalimirchi, Rajwadi Kaku Masala, Bhindi Bharela, Bothiniri Kaju Gatta and Moong Daal. While we were busy gorging on the delicious main course dishes, we saw the tiny colorful glasses with a Puri on top making their way to our table, which by now seemed obvious that it was Pani Puri in meetha (red) and teekha (green) avatars.

DSC_0405 Rice lovers are sure to feel happy as they can choose between some really nice selection of rice preparations like – Chilman Biryani, Harliyali Pulao, Masala Khichdi and curd rice. Indian Breads included Phulka, Stuffed Shahi Puri and Cheese Spinach Paratha which complemented the Sabzi well. When you are at a Rajasthani restaurant, you ought to try out their Dal and Kadhi varieties, Rasavora on that particular day had Dal Amritsari, Surti Dal, Kadhi and Gujarati Kadhi on their menu, though I tasted it in small servings I could easily say these were prepared in a very distinctive manner. IMG_20160616_143001714_HDR

Other accompaniments which adorns your thali are Green Finger Salad, Mirchi Tehcha, Bhavnagri Mirchi, Garlic Chutney, Papad Churi, Pancharatna Pickle and Aam ka Chunda.
Our final set of the scrumptious five course meal was the desserts, a collection which includes some of the most traditionally acclaimed preperations like Dry Fruit Basundi, Dry fruit Halwa, Kala Jamunm Kesar Malai and Apple Jalebi. A special mention to apple Jalebi as it was easily one of the best that i had come across.


To wash down that luscious indulgence, you are presented with a glass of traditional salted buttermilk which in turn helps cleanse your palette.

Overall, the experience here is filled with clues from Indian royalty, every meal here is a celebration in itself. Walk in to Rasavora to break away from the monotony of a regular life to get treated like a King!

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