SE01E04: UB City Food Walk at Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir was our fourth stop on day-1 of this wonderful food walk in UB City. It is one of the most up-market cafes in Bangalore which is devoted to serve genuine and contemporary preparations from the French lands. Cafe Noir has a nice bistro like ambiance which lets you comfortably enjoy the French cuisine at its best. This place is determined to serve you all day with quality food from breakfast to dinner. Their menu is vast and covers a huge range of confections, beautifully crafted burgers and sandwiches along with wide varieties of eateries.


Ambience (Image Courtesy: Cafe Noir)

We were almost full as we had covered Fava, Caperberry and Rasovara before stepping inside Cafe Noir, but the sight of wonderfully presented cakes and pastries kept inside the glass counters did manage to bring back our appetite.


Tomato Basil Soup with La Fermiere Brushetta

Tomato Basil soup with La Fermiere Bruschetta – Tomato soup is something that almost everyone of us are familiar with, the one which was served in Cafe Noir had infused Basil leaves making it taste slightly different. It was a welcome change but I would like to stick to plain tomato soup any day. The Bruschetta served along with it was a grilled garlic bread topped with goat cheese, caramelized onions and honey.



Madame (Choco Vanilla) – A pastry born out of two very friendly flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla. You get a mix of smooth as well as grainy texture on every bite.


Macrons – French Macroons

Macrons – a.k.a French Macaroons, Cafe Noir comes under one of those places in Bangalore which serve some of the most genuine Macrons. They use only basic ingredients which results in these colorful delights to be perfectly round and having a nice crispy outer layer. We chanced ourselves upon Choco, Raspberry, Orange, Pistachio and Lemon flavored Macrons.


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tart

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tart – This is probably one of the best gulpable tiny dessert available here. The open pastry/tart is topped with watermelon, muskmelon, dragon fruit and star fruit.


Cassolette de Poissons Tandoori

Cassolette de Poissons Tandoori – The dish name translates to Fish Casserole, what you get here is a mix of seasonal fishes cooked in deliciously creamy Tandoori gravy and vegetables. Its comes with Sesame rice garnished with Coriander leaves.


La Gratinee Pasta (Veg)

La Gratinee Pasta (Veg) – The upper crust of this pasta looks like it is housed over pasta sheets similar to lasagna layers, but dig your spoon inside and you will soon realize it is Penne pasta topped with seasonal vegetables and mozzarella cheese. ‘Gratinee’ stands for ‘gratin’ in English, which is a culinary technique originated in France. The end result of using this technique is that you get a golden brown crust on top of the dish.


Cote de Pork

Pork Chops with Mash Potatoes – Cote de Pork translates to side of Pork, which is basically Pork Chops. This is a traditional preparation which has Pork Chops in its true form draped with apple honey sauce. The mashed potatoes and salad accompanying it are a nice add on which impart a very neutral taste to this dish.


Moroccan Mint Ice Tea

Moroccan Mint Ice Tea – A tea so refreshing that it has capability to set the right tones on a sunny day. It is served in a tall glass and garnished with fresh mint leaves.

DSC_0437 DSC_0456


Overall, the experience here was tremendous and it felt like we were enjoying our set of evening meals in the calm surroundings of French streets! Hope you enjoyed the mouth watering visuals of savory dishes which are available in Cafe Noir all day long.

You can know more about Cafe Noir by clicking here.

Navigate to their Zomato page by clicking on the link below

Cafe Noir Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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