SE01E05: UB City Food Walk at Cafe Mangii

Cafe Mangii is a cosy little place tucked in the corner of UB City 2nd level. Mangii has an all day menu serving you a handpicked selection of food and beverages, do check out their exotic wines section! Their elaborate offerings are spread across Mocktails- Smoothies, Cooler and iced teas when it comes to beverages and a vast classification which includes Soup, Salad, Small Plates (Appetizers), Fondue, Burgers, Sandwich, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, mains and desserts! Well Yes, the menu is actually huge for a tiny place like this. The food here is an Italian affair altogether, Wood Fired Pizza being their Signature dish which is a traditional Italian preparation.




We were here on the first day of UB City food walk and Mangii was our last destination for the day. We entered the place to be greeted so warmly by the staff, these guys do know the actual meaning of hospitality. Our appetite was gone but the desire to try out Mangii’s scrumptious offerings took the upper hand and we ended up tasting their dishes from ‘Small Plates’ menu. Here is my take at hors d’oeuvre!


Baked Jalapeno Molten

Baked Jalapeno Molten – Delicious little Jalapenos stuffed with Cream Cheese, Salsa Verde and Sweet Paparika. The Jalapenos are cut into two and all these ingredients lie over yummy Garlic Dipping Sauce. The dish has unique sweet and spicy feel which is complimented by the cheesy texture making it one of the best avatars of Jalapenos.


Jerk Chicken Olivetti

Jerk Chicken Olivetti – Chicken Olivetti is a tiny little chicken preparation which packs a lot of punch, Mainly because of Scotch Bonnet Pepper (also known as Caribbean Red Pepper). It is Jerk Mayo infused Chicken and served with Pina Colada dip making it taste even more exciting.


Crostini Di Polenta

Crostini Di Polenta – This is a grilled and toasted Parmesan Polenta cakes topped with Peperonata and Chive Aioli. It is a superb way to start your meal if you are in Mangii.


Chicken Envelope

Chicken Envelope – For me this was easily the best appetizer I had here. The yummy glaze you see on top of Scamorza Gorged Chicken Blanket is that of Smoked BBQ Apricot Orange which gives this dish a very unique treat to your taste buds.


Herb Grilled Chicken

Herb Grilled Chicken – It is a chicken marinated with herbs and then grilled to perfection. The soft texture of meat makes it easily melt in your mouth. Don’t miss the house dip served along with this delight, it adds more punch to this wonderful preparation.


Baked Cottage Cheese

Baked Cottage Cheese – Another vegetarian preparation from their menu, in this case it is Baked Cottage cheese with Basil Pine Nut Pesto sauce rubbed all over it and served over a bed of house slaw.


Watermelon & Feta Cups

Watermelon & Feta Cups – This is by far the most simple and devouring salad that I enjoy everywhere. Here we got neatly sliced cups of watermelon filled with Feta snow and topped with Honey & Balsamic dressing, the fresh Basil dressing made it more interesting!

To know more about this magical cafe, you can click on the widget below to navigate to their Zomato Page.
Cafe Mangii Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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