The Biere Club, 5th Anniversary Celebrations!

The Biere Club, Bangalore’s First Brewery witnessed its 5th Anniversary on 25th May. This called for a celebration as they completed five wonderful years of serving some of the finest craft beers and combinations of food that goes well with your drinks! Running a brewery is no easy task and achieving this to perfection continuously from five years is a commendable job. *Pat on the back* to the folks who are responsible to keep this place lively at all times. I was here for their Anniversary celebrations and this post talks about my experience here.


Beer Tap!

The evening was filled with fun and excitement as we swirled around lot of beer and food items from their new menu. Since it was a weekday, I had to wrap up work quickly and head to Lavelle road, the place where Biere Club is located. Entered the place and it was packed! Figured out that the bloggers table is being held at 2nd floor and made my way up there, it was good to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well.

Mutton Sheekh

Mutton Seekh


Potato and Jalapeno Stuffed Tikki

Spinach Filled Potato and Jalapeno Tikki

Our evening began with a round of finger food which scored high on presentation aspects as well taste. First set of platted delights included Chili spiced coriander Chicken which is tender chicken covered in batter and sprinkled with coriander leaves, it was served with mayo dip. Next up was Mutton Seekh, a known variant of mutton preparation, this one was red and had lot of spices embedded in it. Vegetarian folks among us dug into Spinach filled Potato and Jalapeno Tikki served with Guacamole and salsa sauce, and miniature Vada Paav!




Biere Cocktail

Since it was the anniversary eve, there had to be something special brewing up and it was the ‘Mango Ale’ which set the tone for the evening. What followed next in terms of drinks was absolute craziness. All of us had endless rounds Jägerbomb, a drink in which a shot of Jägermeister is dropped into an energy drink, here the twist was that shot of Jägermeister was actually dropped into beer making it double effective.

Veg Kabab Platter

Veg Kebab Platter

Grilled Jumbo Prawns

Grilled Jumbo Prawns

Other noteworthy gastronomical delights that came in were Veg Kebab Platter which is an assortment of Vegetable and Cheese Seekh, Indian style Malai Tikka Mushrooms, Kasoori Paneer Tikka, Baby Potatoes roasted with Kefta spices along with Chili and mint sauce.


Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables with  Basil Pesto (Veg) Pizza



Pepperoni Pizza

According to me (total personal opinion!), beer goes well with Pizzas! Yes and I was glad when a couple of pizzas made their way on to our tables – Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables with Basil Pesto (Veg) and Pepperoni (Non Veg). Sea food quota was taken care by Grilled Jumbo Prawns, a succulent and juicy prawns dish served with a dip.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie


Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Desserts section was well received by everyone here as they were prepared with so much attention to detail. Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Brownie Salted Caramel and Pineapple Pastry Upside Down was offered here.

Pineapple Pastry Upside Down

Pineapple Pastry Upside Down

Brownie Salted Caramel

Brownie Salted Caramel

At the end of it, the place though old, definitely manages to keep its charm alive. Location is also a huge plus point which adds a lot of feel good factor to your visit here. Overall, It was a very interactive bloggers meet which revolved around delicious Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian Delights along with a huge line up of Biere Shooters and Biere Cocktails. The place is a must visit if you are in and around Lavelle Road and craving for some frothy Biere.



Happy Faces!!

Click here to visit The Biere Club’s website!

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