Salt – Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill, Koramangala

Salt – Indian Restaurant Bar & Grill is the latest entrant in Koramangala. The place is known for serving modern Indian cuisine with a healthy twist. One glance at their menu will make you realize that the food options available here is a well balanced combination of North Indian and South Indian delicacies along with certain unique snack items which breaks the monotony found in other restaurants.

The interiors of this place seems to be very busy with artefacts and wall arts hung all over and it takes some time to understand the overall setup, and yes  even admire it.



They have a full bar which is very classy and premium and looks uncluttered.





A meal here begins with Fryums instead of traditional Papadum, reason being it makes you feel nostalgic about your childhood days. It comes with a set of three chutneys – Beetroot chutney, South Indian chutney which takes spiciness to a different level altogether and Mint chutney.


Desi Paan – Vodka based drink which has sweetness of Gulkand and silver coated dates along with hints of lemon. This is then muddled with betel nuts and Paan masala before serving. It is a pretty refreshing drink overall as these flavors blend really well.


Elaneer – The combination of Vodka with coconut water is something which is very soothing when had. The proportions of these two ingredients are perfect making this a must have drink whenever you are here.



Dilkush – a Kulfi dipped in Vodka is sure to make your dil-kush 😛 This is a thick textured cocktail made from vanilla ice cream, vodka and Bailey’s Irish cream. It is sweetish and potent at the same time.

We had a full course meal starting from Salad, followed by appetizers (veg and non veg both), then had the main course which consisted of curries along with some interesting set of Rotis and this ended with Biryani (Chicken and Mutton). We finally put our taste buds to rest after savoring on the deliciously prepared desserts.



Our salad was called the ‘Roasted Paneer, Broccoli & Fruits (Veg)’ salad. It is their signature dish which has golden brown roasted Paneer tossed with veggies like broccoli, lettuce, beetroot, sprouts, pineapple and guava. The occasional toasted bread pieces that you comes across here add a lot of contrasting taste to the salad. It is topped with Mustard sauce and vinegar oil. The chef did a great job of combining all the signature dishes from starters/grills menu and served them on two customized platters – Vegetarian and non vegetarian.




Olive Paniyaram (L) .. Dahi Kebab (C) .. Subzi Kur Kure (R)

Our Veg platter had Olive Masala Paniyaram served with South Indian Chutney, Dahi Tawa Kebab and Subzi Kur-Kure. I liked the way Paniyarams were made, they had cottage cheese, olives and pepper stuffed inside making it taste different from the usual Paniyarams that you get elsewhere.



Olive Paniyaram (L) .. Dahi Kebab (C) .. Subzi Kur Kure (R)

Subzi Kur-Kure looks like Spring rolls but it isn’t, you get vegetables and cheese wrapped in tiny Rumali Roti which is then fried which makes it crispy outside and very soft inside, I preferred having it with tamarind chutney.


Pardha Jhinga (L) .. Galouti Kebab (C) .. Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka (R)


Non Veg platter included Pardha Jhinga Kebab, Galouti Kebab and Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka. I loved each and every dish that was present here. Chicken Malai Tikka was so soft and succulent that it easily melts in the mouth.


Pardha Jhinga (L) .. Galouti Kebab (C) .. Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka (R)

Pardha Jhinga Kebab is something which is better had when its hot as the moment it gets cold you can feel that the Roti sticks on to Prawn (Jhinga) making it chewy.



Allepey Prawns

We then moved on to main course where we tried Vilayti Subzi Jalfrezi (Veg), their signature dish ‘House Black Dal’ which is simmered for over 24 hours to get that rich creamy texture. It was fun to see Salt branding on Dal!! Allepy Prawn Curry is a good take at cuisines from down south, Kerala to be specific. The prawn is cooked in coconut ginger sauce and you can feel additional flavors that of raw mango and curry leaf.



The bread and accompaniment section offers some very unique Rotis like Sun dried tomatoes, mixed olive, basil and so on.


Chicken Biryani

We also chanced upon Chicken and Mutton Biriyani which was extremely well done. The aromatic Basmati rice is slow cooked and has a deep and rich flavor which makes you want to have more of it.



Elneer Paysam .. Salt’s Eclairs .. Spiced Chocolate Cake

Salt offers a wonderful ending as their dessert section is pretty innovative and has lot of options to drool over, at one point of time you do feel like having all of it! But since we were full, we sampled only a few of them and each one turned out to be a winner- Spiced chocolate cake which is a creamy affair right from the beginning till end, Salt’s Eclair and Elneer Paysam.

Grubitizer’s Take : 

Overall, an experience at Salt is sure to leave you happy when it comes to their food and service. The staff is well trained and they do cater to your needs in a very polite manner. Their menu is actually vast as it has a lot of varieties in it, but still the staff here managed to answer most of our queries. Koramangala no doubt has countless other options to dine in and if Salt manages to consistently maintain the same level of commitment towards the quality of food then they have got a winner at hand!

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