Box8 – Online Food Delivery Service!

Box8 is a successful online food delivery start-up which emphasizes on technology and delivery aspects to provide a wholesome dining experience at your home. Their current operations are spread across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore with over 10,000 orders per day, which is huge! So I’ve been planning for a long time to order from them but never got a chance to do so as I stay with my family which translates to less home delivery eating sessions. But when Box8 contacted me for a small tasting of their offerings i instantly took it up, and at the end of it we (folks at my home) all loved the overall experience.


Items Delivered!

My order was a mix of random items on their menu, we ordered the Char grilled chicken salad for beginners, it is a complete mix of assorted veggies and grilled chicken spread all around, nice stuff!


Char Grilled Chicken Salad

For gravies we had Kadai Paneer Curry, Shahi Veg Mix Curry and Butter Chicken Curry. All of which looked similar at first glance but they did have significant difference in taste which made it a delight when paired with Tawa Paratha and Basmati Rice which accompanied them.


Tawa Paratha and the three curries

Not to forget the Murg Dum Biryani which was nice and spicy and had that authentic taste associated with it, I would recommend this if you are in a mood to have a full-fledged Biryani delivered right at your door step.


Murg Dum Biryani

Box8 is a great destination for dessert lovers, they have separate sections dealing with traditional dessert options and exotic ice cream which come in family packs. Our order had Chocolava cake, Gulab Jamun and Moong Daal Halwa, all of which were priced well for the quantity you get. The Moong Dal Halwa stood out among all, it had that well balanced flavor throughout which wasn’t too sweet and not too bland.


Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal Halwa, Chocolava Cake and Ice Tea

Overall, my stint with Box8 was good keeping in mind various aspects. Delivery time was spot on, the packaging was well taken care of and the food was served hot which is of primary importance. Will I be recommending box8 in future? Yes, because there are times when you would want to have nicely prepared food without putting any effort, so much that you would not even want to step out of the house and that’s when Box8 comes in to the picture to help you with some deliciously prepared and piping hot food!

*Featured Image in this blog post has been sourced from Box8 images*

Box8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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