Three Dots & a Dash, Indiranagar

Three Dots & a Dash is probably that one place in Bangalore which takes you to the tropical setting of Hawaii the moment you step in. The name Three Dots & a Dash comes from a drink which was made by one of the greatest cocktail creators ‘Don the Beachcomber, and it symbolizes the letter ‘V’ in Morse Code. V stands for victory which by default means celebration and the drink here was created as a tribute to the American soldiers who fought beside him during World War 2. I was here as part of their anniversary celebrations along with other bloggers which also marked the launch of their new cocktail and food menu.

The decor at Three Dots & a Dash has a very rustic feel to it, the Bamboo at the entrance along with natural wood used for interiors tend to give you a very cozy and relaxed feel, much needed when you are exposed to drinks!! The entire setup is divided into two floors and we directly made our way to the roof top which has an attached bar.


For beginners, Tikki cocktails were the in thing during the 40’s and 50’s and has gone underground since then but not any more, thanks to Three Dots & a Dash which has revolutionized the way Tiki culture is perceived in recent times. The concept revolves around serving exotic cocktails in Tiki mugs which have their own unique style and character which makes drinking even more interesting. Tiki cocktails emphasizes more on Rum and tropical fruits which makes it synchronize with the way Indians prefer their cocktails, easy to drink! What makes Three Dots & a Dash stand out is that it serves Hookah also, interesting choice of place as not many pubs serve drinks and hookah at the same time.

Cocktail 1

As soon as we settled down, a lot of tiki cocktails made their way to our table in quirky lil mugs. Here is an overview of what you can expect here in terms of drinks:

Cocktail 2

  • Fog Cutter : Aged Rum, Bourbon, Gin, Orange, Lime and Pineapple juice along with Honey syrup.
  • Dark & Stormy : Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer. It has a distinct dark color and smoky flavor which is more inclined towards the sweeter side.
  • Jungle Bird : Campari, Dark Rum, Lime Juice, Cointreau, Orgeat and spiced syrup. A not so sweet drink which has a vivid red color and has slightly more bitter note.
  • Pineapple Daiquiri : Aged Rum, Lime Juice, Pineapple Syrup.
  • Rum Crusta : Aged Rum, Cointreau, Maraschino and Lime juice.
  • Rob’s Mistake : Plethora of ingredients make this cocktail special, it is inspired by the Tiki original and is a nicely done blend of Light Rum, London Dry Gin, Lime juice, Passion fruit puree, Frangelico, Pineapple syrup, Grenadine and dark rum.
  • Caribbean Cooler : Vodka, Caribbean Rum, Cranberry Juice, Blue Curacao, Tender Coconut Water
  • Ku : White Rum, brandy and orange liquor.

Cocktail 3

I happily indulged myself with Green Apple Mohito and Mango tail, but I did manage to taste the cocktails which had a nice blend of flavors. My personal favorite was Rob’s Mistake, the drink was perfectly blended even though it had loads of contrasting ingredients in it.




Cesar Salad Chicken

The cocktails were complimented with specially created food menu. The soup which came in did a good job of cleaning our palette and reinstating our appetite. The Cesar salad was a nice way to begin, this was followed by Herb Cheese stuffed mushroom, California spud (chicken), green marinated Chicken Kebab and Polynesian Baked Fish.


Chicken Spud


Veracruzana Chicken

Main course was Spicy Chicken Quesadilla, Mushroom Leek Saffron Risotto, Tuna Poke Bowl in three dots style and Veracruzana Chicken. Lot of dishes which I had here were unique in terms of availability when compared to other places.


Tuna Poke Bowl in Three Dots Style


Chicken Quesadillas

Dessert was my all time favorite Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and this was easily one of the best versions I have ever had, it was accompanied by signature Hawaiian Banana Split with Fresh Cream.


Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

In short, the mixologists and chefs have truly done a wonderful job at Three Dots & a Dash to keep the Tiki culture alive. This can be your getaway which is designed to snugly fit in as a retro – oasis in the dessert of one’s busy modern day life. They aim at launching new variants and outlets in Bangalore city in near future which is good news for people staying away from Indiranagar.

Note: The featured image here has been sourced from Three Dots & a Dash’s official Facebook page.

You can visit their website by clicking here.

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