Tata Hexa Experience Centre – Bengaluru

Tata is leaving no stone unturned to showcase the true capabilities of its latest product – Hexa. The Hexa Experience Centre (HEC) is one of the many events conducted by Tata where potential customers can register online and then visit or just walk in to get a first-hand feel of this mighty car. This article here will try to cover in general as to what you can expect from your visit to the Hexa Experience Centre! Happy Reading 🙂


I was lucky enough to witness most of the elements that Hexa has to offer during the media drive that was held in Hyderabad a couple of months back, big shout out to the folks at Indiblogger for calling me over along with other bloggers! We loved every bit of our stay back then which included a preview of the car, amazing cocktail dinner which was followed by a super long drive the next day and then the highlight of the event ‘off-road Experience’.




Coming to the event in Bangalore which was nothing short of a mini carnival, the registration here was a breeze and hardly took any time. If you wished to take a test drive then the mandatory check on Driving Licence was done at the same counter which easily saved a lot of time later on.


There were different stalls from Tata and its sub brand which adorned the entire area inside the White Orchids convention hall. I was attracted towards the pet adoption kiosk which was set up by CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre), it is such a great platform for true pet lovers who believe in adopting. Live music performance kept people entertained inside. A separate kids section ensured that the kids don’t get bored by coming here. Refreshment zone was taken care by Kaati Zone and Dunkin Donuts if I remember correctly. The digital zone played a very vital role in visualizing everything in the car which can’t be seen with naked eyes.



After a brief stint we decided to step into the hot sun to see how well the turf was set up for the off road experience and surprisingly it seemed to be more rough and brutal when compared to what we saw in Hyderabad. But then, it is Tata Hexa that we are speaking about and it managed to cross every challenge thrown at it without any flutters. The car’s 200 mm ground clearance is good enough to let it hover over bigger obstacles you find on the road. The interesting part was when the person from Cougar Motorsport demonstrated the hill hold feature which means that the car stays in its position for 3 seconds before starting to drag backwards, this can be a very handy feature for beginners who tend to miss out on clutch-accelerator control when they’re on a steep slope. The sideways inclined drive was thrilling as well; the car can drive without any troubles even when it is tilted to 40 degrees! The water wading capacity is 450mm which means off roading is no longer a difficult task even in stretches where you encounter small rivers.



We then moved on to the test drive section and this is when I decided to try out the Manual transmission as I missed driving this variant in Hyderabad.  I must say that the different driving modes (Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road) offered change the drive characteristics with a big margin with every mode change. Tata representative who accompanied us during the test drive gave a lot of facts and figures about this car which is sure to impress you.


Overall, conducting such events is good as it helps potential customers to make informed decisions about their next car purchase. Everything that Tata is claiming on the paper can be visualized first hand and this shows how confident Tata is with the all new Hexa.

Tata Hexa is set to launch on 18th Jan post which deliveries will begin soon.

Watch out for this space to keep your self updated about all the latest happenings that revolve around Tata Hexa: http://hexa.tatamotors.com.

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