Who says beer is only for men?!

The thought that only men drink beer and women don’t like it is more obsolete than a floppy disk saving the world. Many of them opt for beer when chilling at house parties or night clubs. Needless to say, budding brewers do know their audience and they do not have gender bias when making beer.

This International Women’s Day, we tell you the type of personality according to your choice of beer. So whether you are one who is an occasional sipper or someone who is a die-hard beer fan, we tell you what your taste preferences tell about your personality.



  1. The Lager Lady

The Lager Lady is approachable unlike others you will find around the bar sipping their cocktails and judging you in their minds already. She lives one moment at a time, seizing each day as it comes and will not hesitate to do something thrilling once a while. A popular example of lager is Spanish beer – Mahou Clásica. With its bright golden color, Mahou Clásica is a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavors. It maintains the original recipe, taste and quality given to its production since 1890 in the lands of Spain giving a refreshing drinking experience.

Another one is Mahou 5 Star, golden colored, fine brew that has a distinctively mild and lingering taste. This well balanced beer is made with signature yeast, whose secret recipe is stored under high security in the beer’s originating country, Spain.

  1. The Earthy Mademoiselle

If you are even close to having sexist thoughts once in a while, then steer clear of this lady. She is all about rough and tough personality who knows when to take a stand for herself. She loves earthy colored ales and while she is down-to-earth and humble, she is also independent. So while you want to buy her favorite beer, she’d rather pay for it herself and that is not a thing that you should mind about.

  1. The Craft Huntress

She is thoughtful yet open to more ideas, extrovert yet respectful of your space. This lady knows her priorities straight and gets what she wants if she sets her heart on it. She is free spirited and you might generally find her alone in a bar. Don’t be surprised to see her enjoying her own company! Mango craft beer from The White Owl brewery, Mumbai is quite popular amongst the craft beer lovers.

  1. The Rebellious Draught Lover

Sit up and take notice because that’s exactly what you do when women who prefer draught beers are around. The Rebellious Draught Lover is the woman of extremes – will love and hate to the maximum and the opposite and she will endure harsh realities of life and emerge as a winner.

Click here to know more about Mahou India! Cheers


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