Lunch scenes at the newly opened brewery called The Whitefield Arms!

Whitefield used to be one of those places where folks of Bangalore had to think twice before heading there, there are two main reasons for this: 1) Lot of IT parks which remind you of your workplace 2) Scarcity of good restaurants and pubs. Well, I can’t comment about the former as that is still the case with most of us 😀 but, in recent times there has been an upward trend in the quality of restaurants  you find in Whitefield. I remember everyone in our office going gaga over Whitefield Social when it was launched, soon there were players like Beer Cafe, The Irish House and Biergarten that came into existence and all of a sudden you realize that Whitefield is not a bad place at all! This post talks about The Whitefield Arms which is a part of The Waverly Hotel & Residences group. TWA is a modern British styled pub located in a peaceful corner of VR Bengaluru.


Sitting here is bliss!


I was here on invite from my blogger friend Soumya Gopi. We were 4 of us and opted for a table outside as all of us are hungry for good photos more than good food (at least on a bright days like this!). The colonial style furniture along with countless wall art makes the ambiance feel busy, it is good in case you are drunk and run out of conversation then you do have many interesting things to read! Well, this is a brewery and that should sound like the end of the article, isn’t it?


That’s one long bar counter


Entrance – 1


Lots of Reading Material!!!!

We started off with Mulligatwany Soup and Farm Fresh Salad, the salad here was one of the cleanest that’s been served to me. It had the right balance of flavors, thanks to the wine dressing and the assortment of fresh greens and poached pears.


Mulligatwany Soup


Farm Fresh Salad

The veg and non veg starters came in the form of a platter (apart from few dishes), the first to arrive was TWA Chips with cheese and gravy (Dal Makhani!) which should do a good job provided you eat it while its still hot as the gravy does end up making the fries a bit soggy and the taste of Dal Makhani might not compliment the entire preparation.


Twa Chips with Cheese and Gravy (Dal Makhni)


Veg Platter

Veg Platter looked nice and it had Suzzie’s Bangles which are crumb fried onion rings, the layer of batter was a bit thick and I personally would have liked it the other way round. Chili Cheese Toast and Cottage cheese butty are prepared using  home made bread/bun here, there are random chili flakes give it a nice taste overall. Do try the spicy apple chutney that you get along with the Butty! Goat Cheese and caramelized onion tartlets was my favorite of the bunch, the marinated onions and baked goat chesse melts in your mouth the moment you bite into them.


Non Veg Platter

Then came in the non veg platter, a colorful mix of chicken, fish and shrimp Kebabs marinated in different flavors. Clay oven grilled grouper is not very spicy and the yogurt marination made the fish a bit too tender. TWA have got some really interesting Military related dish names – Cavalry, Barrack and Infantry Special each having a distinct taste, for example I loved the coriander and mint marinated grilled chicken (Barrack’s Special) that had a hint of saffron on it.


Twice Cooked Pork Belly

We tried a tasting portion of Twice cooked pork belly, this reminded me of a similar Pork dish that was served in Farzi Café, the hoisin sauce glaze back then was perfect and it was the same here as well. The green chilies sprinkled on top gave it a very contrasting taste after every bite.


Spinach Cheese and Potato Dumplings with Basmati Rice

I agree the starter section was a bit fancy as we felt full and we were expecting something light and simple, for some reason I feel the chef read our minds and we got two varieties of rice preparations for main course. Vegetarians had Cheese and Potato Dumplings served dipped in Spinach and tomato puree and served with traditional Basmati rice.


Grilled Spice Crusted Chicken with Truffle Mushroom Rice

We were served with Grilled Spice Crusted Chicken with Truffle Mushroom Rice, the chicken breast was cooked to perfection and the mint onion gravy went well with the rice. The presentation aspect of both the dishes were spot on.


Lovely Dessert Platter

Finally it was time for desserts and the chef bought individual platter which had Sticky Toffee Pudding which is supposed to be paired with the vanilla ice cream, Classic Carrot Cake for two which has traces of cinnamon and walnuts and topped with cheese cream. The cake is super light which is why I have always loved Carrot cake instead of Carrot Halwa 😀 The highlight here was the Chef’s special Semolina Cake or Basbousa as they call it in the Middle East.



We did try few cocktails Mountbatten, Cosmopolitan and Old Fashioned to name a few, in general they were prepared well as told by other folks who enjoyed sipping them. I enjoyed my Hoegaarden as nothing can help you beat the hot summer more than a mug of chilled beer, Psst they even stock Bira!!… Best thing about this place is that they do have a brewery which is stated to start functioning soon and I am surely gonna head back to try the kinds of beer they churn out.

IMG_20170212_141947 (2)



Bira White

Well, we came to the end of our meal and one thing evident is that The Whitefield Arms is a nice and cosy place with decent amount of F&B options to keep your taste buds happy. The place is picturesque and if given a chance I would definitely prefer to sit in the outdoors!

Click on the widget below to navigate to TWA’s Zomato Page:

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