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Pizza is that one food item which I can probably never get bored of, am sure it is the same with a lot of folks who’re reading this post! Back then when I was a kid we had the usual set of big names selling Pizza and gradually this trend moved to pubs and some of them are giving these biggies a big run for their money. Oven Story is one of the successful food start-ups which is focusing on bringing gourmet pizzas right at your door step, yes it is a delivery only model.


What sets them apart from other brands is the fact that the entire focus is on the most crucial part of a pizza – the Base! You get to choose between Peri Peri, Chipotle, 4 Pepper and El Classico which covers every mood and has so much potential to be your go to place whenever you crave for authentic Italian handcrafted pizzas.


Chipotle Gourmet Veggie


Peri Peri Non Veg Paradise


Cheese #LOVE

I tried two of their creations – Peri Peri Non Veg Paradise and Chipotle Gourmet Veggie. Well the name suggests I chose Peri Peri and Chipotle base, the former having tons of flavors and being spicier when compared to Chipotle which was more of smoky flavors and had jalapenos in abundance. The folks here were kind enough to send a Sicilian Red Velvet cake which is gooey on the outside and was filled with molten organic cocoa, it was a perfect ending to our pizza night!


Sicilian Red Velvet Cake

A special mention to their packaging and branding which is all colorful and bright, it gives that feel good factor right from the moment you see your pizza box! Delivery was spot on and the entire experience was well worth the price that you pay.


Click here to know more about Oven Story and do follow them on facebook.

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