No 10 Fort Cochin – Traditional Kerala Coastal Cuisine, St Marks Road

10 Fort Cochin is the latest entrant in CBD area that is all set to serve you some of the authentic dishes from traditional Kerala Coastal cuisine. The restaurant is located prominently on St Marks Road, it is in the same building as the iconic Open Box to be specific. The restaurant specialises in an array of Seafood Grills and roasts, Kerala Sadya along with a host of other coastal preparations.




Wall Art

The restaurant can accommodate close to 50 people, décor is very elegant and functional, it is a zero-frills zone in short. Do not miss the artwork on the white walls that showcases even the tiniest element that a true Keralite would relate to.


Butter Garlic Prawns


Prawns Tawa Fry

I was here for bloggers meet on a weekend for lunch and we started with Prawn Butter Garlic, Prawn Tawa Fry and Squid Rings where Butter Garlic being the least spicy and felt a lot heavier when compared to the Tawa fry dishes that it came along with. Tawa Fry and Squid rings had a thick layer of spicy marination which the meat absorbed quite nicely.


Pomfret Fry

The speciality dishes that came in large bowls wrapped in banana leaves were – Prawns Pollichathu and Fish Pollichathu, the slow cooked meat (in this case prawns and fish) is cooked along with the wrap and the final outcome packs a strong punch of tangy spicy masala, explaining this dish over words is one difficult task as the amalgamation of different spices is so complex that you gotta have it to understand the beauty of Pollichathu.


Squid Rings


Prawns Pollichathu


Fish Pollichathu

Prawns Ularthiyathu came in a bowl and this semi gravy-ish starter had hints of turmeric, pepper and lime. I can have this with rice all day long!! Pomfret Fry was bang on target, the folks here have got the marination right in all the starter dishes that were served till now, the perfect blend of spices and curry leaves and individual masala takes every dish to another level altogether. Next came in the Pottu with Duck Curry that was well received by everyone on our table.


Prawns Ularthiyathu


Puttu and Duck Curry

10 Fort Cochin serves Sadhya on all days!! The combination of Red Rice, Avial, Pachadi, Pickle, Papad, Sambar, Rasam and buttermilk is the kind of main course you would want to have when you visit here. Payasam was a perfect end to our traditionally rich lunch here!


Kerala Sadhya

The owners bought in the famous Pazham Pori on special request by us, so yes you can visit them during tea time as well.


Pazham Pori

To sum it up, 10 Fort Cochin scores full marks when it comes to offering authentic Kerala Coastal cuisine. This place is a heaven for seafood lovers and if you are a Keralite then the feeling of dining here is very close to that of dining at your home!


Check out the special dishes before entering the restaurant

Check out their website and do follow them on Facebook to know more about the restaurant.


7 thoughts on “No 10 Fort Cochin – Traditional Kerala Coastal Cuisine, St Marks Road

    • Yes, No 10 Fort Cochin currently stands to be the best restaurant serving Kerala cuisine in Bangalore.. the menu is limited but the options are carefully chosen to give attention to detail in every dish that’s being served!


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