Happy First Birthday – Biergarten

Biergarten was on my wish list for a long time, but having stayed in Koramangala I always had a weird perception that why travel to Whitefield when we have better options here. I still remember going through few posts when the place was launched and the entire landscape part looked so much different than other watering holes in the city, my mind was set on the fact that next time we are in Whitefield and decide to go drinking it is going to be at Biergarten, but then time passed by so quickly that one year went by and I never got a chance to go here 😦 What brought me here was an invite to be a part of their 1st-year-anniversary celebrations and that’s what this post is going to talk about!

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Hawker’s Menu at Mamagoto, Indiranagar

The word ‘Mamagoto’ translates to ‘fun with food’ and the chefs here have always managed to surprise us with their offerings. The on going Hawker’s food festival is inspired by the insanely delicious fare served at Hawker’s carts across Thailand. The vibrant platters and amazing cocktails are a visual treat in itself, so read on to know more about what’s offered as part of this food festival that is on until 31st July.

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Big Pitcher – Splitwood and Star Lounge

Big Pitcher is a structural beauty, what you get is six massive floors that covers everything from the cowboy theme to Star Lounge seating options, this place has got it all. Massive array of Food and Beverage options combined with superb hospitality and awestruck ambience makes Big Pitcher the most sought after destination for all of your gastronomy needs. I was here on two occasions, one for the new menu tasting at Splitwood and second visit was to get a feel of the uber cool roof top section called Star Lounge. Splitwood offers a rustic feel which is perfect for a nice laid back drinking session. Star Lounge, on the other hand, is that cool person who likes to party and enjoys getting sloshed with a hookah pipe in his hands, the kind of place I would prefer to be in on a Friday night.

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