Sotally Tober – New Cocktail Menu Launch

What is Sotally Tober … or was it supposed to be Totally Sober?! For me, this is the perfect example of a situation where you’re high on good spirits and start reading things upside down. Similarly, the place itself is very catchy in the eye – you find dim lighting all around, paint splash on the walls, chairs stuck onto the roof and many such titbits that make Sotally Tober a hit among the partygoers in Koramangala. A good party place has to have amazing music, great food, and exceptionally good cocktails … Well, this post will try to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the new cocktail menu that was launched sometime last month.

First to arrive was Peppery Pineapple, a gin-based cocktail having the spiciness of pepper that was well balanced by the sweetness of honey. If you love the taste of raw mangoes then Slice of Summer is the cocktail to go for, this vodka-based drink is slightly on the stronger side and has Peri Peri and Aam Panna.

Sotally Spice is also on the spicier side, it has vodka, the essence of apple juice and mint along with that of peri peri. Even though the drink sounds like Slice of Summer, there is a lot of difference between the two. I feel Aam Panna and vodka is stronger concoctions than Vodka and apple juice, so yeah, take your pick!

Pattaya’s Punch was the drink that I ordered. I had been to this place at the beginning of the year and wanted to see how exactly this cocktail is related to Pattaya! Well, the common link I found out was Sriracha. Si Racha is the coastal city of Chonburi Province of Eastern Thailand. The spice levels are somewhat comparable to Tabasco sauce, plus the addition of Chillies in your vodka gives you yet another deliciously spiced cocktail.

Tipsy Melons sounds all refreshing, it is that perfect summer drink – Watermelon and Basil, two ingredients that are widely used to keep your body cool. This cocktail was a whiskey-based and we all liked it J

Well, I and Buttertheory are more into wines these days and not many places stock good sparkling wines, let alone keep one ready on the shelf. This wasn’t the case at Sotally Tober though, we asked for one and the staff quickly brought in the celebratory edition of Sula Brut.

What’s a drink without good food, and Sotally Tober scores full marks in this department as well! While we were busy sipping on the brilliantly mixed cocktails, we ordered a lot of food. Spicy Potato Wedges, Chilli Pork and Masala Prawns were the first to arrive and we paired them with the less spicy cocktails that I listed above.

SoTo Coriander Fish comes with Basa fillets that are marinated with coriander, dill, parsley, and garlic and grilled to perfection. Indi Masala Prawns Thai Chilli Chicken was my favorite J

For the main course, I ordered the Thai Green Curry (Chicken) which was prepared so well, the thick gravy with loads of coconut essence was nicely paired with the herbed rice. I liked what my friends ordered – Thai chili chicken fried rice and the crispy chicken burger. Overall, we observed that every dish that was served was well received by everyone, which goes on to say Sotally Tober is among the few happening places in Namma Bengaluru that emphasizes equally on grub department. We loved every bit of spending our time here, and I am sure you too will J

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