Smoke House Deli – Camp Grill Festival

Smoke House Deli is having a special menu offering extremely delicious dishes with their own signature twists that will surely be a treat to your taste buds.  So if you are among the many folks who love grills then you gotta experience the Camp Grill special menu at Smoke House Deli! The best way to describe the food festival would be – the sizzle of meat on the grill, there’s nothing like the lust of the perfect meat and who better to urge you to start an affair of the Meatilicious kind than Bangalore’s quintessential all-day café and delicatessen – Smoke House Deli.

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Temptey’s – Milkshakes & More, BTM Layout

Milkshakes vs. Thick shakes? If you too are in this confusion then you got to visit Temptey’s. Yes, I know not all Bangaloreans will be aware of this brand and that’s when Grubitizer will come to the rescue 😎 So, Temptey’s as a brand is around a year old and they have opened 13 full-fledged outlets across India in this span one year, well this alone speaks loudly of their favoritism among the crowd. BTM Layout gets Bangalore’s first outlet and the place is so vibrant that will please you from the moment you step in.

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Sea Rock – Speciality Seafood Restaurant & Bar, Seshadripuram

Seafood is comfort food to a lot of folks out there (including me).  But in my case I usually don’t get to eat much of these dishes at home, reasons being difficulty in getting your hands on the best ingredients and complexity of preparation as the meat is overly tender when compared to other meats. There are a lot of seafood restaurants across Bangalore that can satiate your cravings, some of the new and some legendary. This post is about one such legendary place, Searock that is serving some of the most authentic coastal dishes since 1985!! This is by far the best seafood meal I have ever had and if you’ve been following me on Instagram then you’ll know what to expect from this post here, if not you definitely gotta read it to know more about what possibly can be called one of the best coastal cuisine restaurants in Namma Bengaluru.

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