Maravanthe, Indiranagar – Seafood Restaurant

A couple of weeks back, hunger pangs led us to explore this new Seafood place in Indiranagar called Maravanthe, which also happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches in South Canara region of Karnataka! This post talks about our dining experience here and if you are a seafood lover you ought to know about this place!


Neat Ambience

Interiors are nice and functional, given the fact that the place is around 1 month old, it was supposed to look neat! The menu is clinically designed with enough details in it for even a noob to understand what every dish is gonna be like, the section that I liked the most was – Meals! You get Veg, Fish and Chicken meals that come with unlimited boiled or white rice.

The starter was Rava Fish Fry, small silver fish are coated with the right kinda batter and then fried to perfection, this one was a delight to eat!

Friend-1 ordered the Maravanthe Fish Meals that come with Rice, Rasam, Mangalore style Fish curry with enough additions of red chili and Coconut, Fish fry (rava), Neer Dosa (2 nos), Chutney that is made from dried Prawns and the usual Salad, Papad, sweet and buttermilk.


Shellfish Sukka

I paired Shellfish sukka with neer Dosa, it was the first time I was having shellfish and instantly fell in love with it! The pseudo spicy and roasted coconut mixture was nicely done, my Mangalorean friend (friend-1) approved the authenticity of the preparation.


Chicken Biryani

Friend-2 had a tough time deciding on what to eat due to many self-imposed restrictions and ended up ordering Chicken Pulav (Biryani as they call it!).



We ordered Gudbud for dessert and asked for ‘dessert of the day’, which was Raggi Manni, it was out of stock though. The staff was courteous enough to send in complimentary Godi Halwa which goes on to say that Service is top notch! We all shared the Gudbud and it was done pretty neatly.

We paid for our meal and did not disclose my connection with the food blogging scenes here. Overall, given the fact that this is a new venture, everything that we ordered was well received and I am quite happy with the place. I would definitely visit them again and try out the other stuff that’s available here.

Maravanthe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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