Sea Rock – Speciality Seafood Restaurant & Bar, Seshadripuram

Seafood is comfort food to a lot of folks out there (including me).  But in my case I usually don’t get to eat much of these dishes at home, reasons being difficulty in getting your hands on the best ingredients and complexity of preparation as the meat is overly tender when compared to other meats. There are a lot of seafood restaurants across Bangalore that can satiate your cravings, some of the new and some legendary. This post is about one such legendary place, Searock that is serving some of the most authentic coastal dishes since 1985!! This is by far the best seafood meal I have ever had and if you’ve been following me on Instagram then you’ll know what to expect from this post here, if not you definitely gotta read it to know more about what possibly can be called one of the best coastal cuisine restaurants in Namma Bengaluru.


The lunch proceedings began with the traditional Besta Soup, a nice and spicy broth with bits of prawns in it. You can have the entire portion of it as this ain’t gonna fill your stomach, unlike the soups you get in other regions. This was followed by a plenty of starters, starters that can bring a big smile on your face.


Silver Fish Rava Fry

Seer Fish Masala Fry was first to come, I can bet the silky smooth layer of Masala is something you won’t find elsewhere (most of the places end up making the powdery masala), this was tangier and slightly less spicy.


Kane Rava Fry

Silver Fish Rava Fry was next thing that we all enjoyed, the tiny pieces of delight were fried to perfection and the Rava coating was so evenly spread, brilliant indeed. Next up was Tawa Fried Seer Fish that is soaked in traditional Mangalore style masala and then pan grilled, add a bit of lemon on top and you’re in for a treat. Tawa Fried Pomfret and Kane (ladyfish) Rawa fry were next up, these guys have nailed the Rawa Fry concept, the preparation went beyond perfect. Cutting open Kane is a bit of a task and that’s when Kalyan Sir’s expertise came in and it is a delight to see the fish meat being separated from bones in a picturesque manner 😀


Clam Sukka

Post this we had a beer and conversations break, then came in the ever so famous and delicious Ghee roasts and sukkas … We had Clam Sukka, Chicken Ghee Roast, and Prawn Ghee roast, Searock uses pure Nandini ghee, the aroma itself was enough to set your expectations high. The Masala was finely grounded and Ghee was not dripping (it is a turn off for me if it does, but this one didn’t). Portion size was impressive and justified the prices pretty well.


Prawn Ghee Roast

We paired all of this with soft Neer Dosa and it was sheer delight. Clam Sukka was the highlight for me, it was my second take on this preparation and I can easily say am in love with this dish at Searock. Next round of the main course was more humble and traditionally rich, it was Chicken Ghassi and Silver Fish Ghassi paired with Red Rice (Boiled).


Chicken Ghassi and Silver Fish Ghassi with Boiled Rice

The mild spicy curries were a treat to our taste buds when it was had with the Red Rice. One thing I must mention here is that every dish we ordered came in pretty large quantities and that gives you the much needed feel-good factor.

Ragi Manne was dessert for us, what a brilliant way to end our lunch. So overall, if you ask me this was my first visit to Searock and after trying out this massive spread of dishes that day, I can say that by following simple techniques of focusing on basics and keeping things simple one can do wonders. Everything here feels so nice and homely. I would definitely come back here for more, and you too should!


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