Smoke House Deli – Camp Grill Festival

Smoke House Deli is having a special menu offering extremely delicious dishes with their own signature twists that will surely be a treat to your taste buds.  So if you are among the many folks who love grills then you gotta experience the Camp Grill special menu at Smoke House Deli! The best way to describe the food festival would be – the sizzle of meat on the grill, there’s nothing like the lust of the perfect meat and who better to urge you to start an affair of the Meatilicious kind than Bangalore’s quintessential all-day café and delicatessen – Smoke House Deli.

So I was in their Lavelle road branch on a Saturday to check out the dishes that are part of Camp Grill food festival. The first thing I noticed upon entering was how beautifully our table was set up, here’s a glimpse of what it actually looked it, pretty isn’t it?

Cocktail ingredients

Cocktails made better!


We started off with cocktails, Smoke House has an impressive line-up here and they have a cocktail that’ll suit almost every palate. While I had the sweet concoction of raspberry-infused water with cranberry juice and vodka, other folks enjoyed their Jalapeno spiced vodka that has a hint of citrusy flavours from the orange peels. Honey and Rosemary infused vodka was my favourite and I had two of them back to back, yes that good!


Sach Berry and Much Cherry


The food spread is available as a la carte, the food is grilled using charcoal and that enhances the taste even more, so the minute you bite into the meat there is enough punch of smokiness to make you drool. First to arrive was the Double Corn Tacos, these are corn shells that are filled with grilled corn and panko crusted chill.


Double Corn Tacos


Then we had the Lebanese style grilled chicken, the garlicky flavour you get is can be mellowed down if you use the pickled chilli that it comes with, I, however, liked the chicken as it is. Next up was more of a vegetarian affair – Crostino and Cottage Cheese Skewers, I loved how the later was presented. I am not much of a veg person but the cottage cheese was done really well, the garlic and chilli marination made the overall preparation slightly on the spicier side, I would have loved it to be a bit spicier though.





Potato Skins


Wings are possibly the best companions to your drinks and here you can have the curry and mustard marinated wings, this too was grilled to perfection. Then came in my two favourite dishes, Pork spare ribs and Char-grilled lamb chops. The ribs were soft and tender and the honey mustard sauce was absorbed well, totally loved this dish.



Pork Spare Ribs


Char-grilled lamb chops, among other dishes, had the most smokiness, the meat is marinated with coriander and fennel seed and then the red wine jus kicks in to do its magic. Our final take was a DIY dish – Potato skins, it is served with Feta cheese, labneh parmesan and ratatouille.




Well, the name Camp Grill itself is enough to understand that what you’re gonna get here is more of what you would expect when you go out on a camp and decide to set up a grill! I can confidently say that this is by far the best set of grilled dishes I’ve had in recent times. So yeah, don’t miss a chance to try out all of this for yourself, and you will definitely be in for a treat if you are craving for some good old-fashioned meat!



When: 13th November to 10th December

Prices: Starts from INR 290 ++

Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM

Where: Smoke House Deli – Lavelle (080-41277989, 080-41276272) and Indiranagar (080-25200898, 080-25200899)

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