Maia – Eat, Bake, Mom!

We have many restaurants in Namma Bengaluru, some of them are functional, some are considered to be posh and some restaurants claim to use homemade ingredients, am sure whatever I mentioned up here doesn’t follow any sequence and probably sounds meaningless but what I want to convey is that the  list of variety available here is literally endless! Maia is a restaurant that follows a very interesting concept, as the name itself suggests this restaurant is all about giving back to the mothers, the most important person in our life. It is not a typical restaurant where you walk in, order food and then scoot after paying the bill, there is a lot more that they have to offer! So read on to know more about this wonderful venture 🙂



A newborn kid is introduced to the world of eating by his mother, for ages it is her who shows all the enthusiasm in making sure that her little one is fed well. I am so used to her ways of cooking that even though I am lucky enough to taste food at really exclusive places (perks of food blogging!), it is ghar ka khana that brings a smile on my face every time I see food!



I visited Maias when it was still under construction, mind you this visit was in Aug 2017 and this post is hideously late :/ But that aside, the property is brilliantly made. You get that peaceful and calm aura the minute you step in. The total area is 5000 sq feet and can accommodate 130 covers across three levels spread over an alfresco dining area by the pond and open to air decks on the levels above. Maias serves new age, contemporary food cooked by mothers served in a homely style, they use 100% local ingredients with a farm to fork concept.



Our Lunch included a set menu and the spread did look very interesting. First to arrive was the deliciously presented Roasted Pumpkin Soup, the aromats and pumpkin seeds changed the entire feel of this thick soup for the good. The salad was a healthy bowl of classic fattoush accentuated with fresh pomegranate, feta cheese and a signature Maia dressing, it was slightly on the tangier side but that made it even better.



Curried Pot Brulee


Starters were Akki Rotti and Aromatic Subz Kebab, while the former is a traditional Karnataka dish that usually accompanies the main course, here we had a serving of it with coconut and onion chutney. Subz Kebab were tiny bits of minced mixed vegetable kebabs infused with sandalwood and edible camphor, it came with mint coriander chutney. One thing to note is that the food that was served till now managed to activate our senses in the best possible way, the dishes were served with great care, the aromatic component in every dish made sure that you feel tempted to gorge it all the minute food is served to you.



Lauki Kofta with Kachori Poori


We then moved on to main course and had an elaborate session here. Curried Pot Brulee, Lauki Kofta with Kachori Poori and Subz Dum Biryani was served. Pot Brulee is what worked best for me, easy to eat and it felt lite on the tummy too. Subz Biryani was an instant hit among other folks part of this lunch, the layered biryani was served with lehsun lal mirch raita and potato sev.



Loved the way it all went down with us, the lunch made us realise that eating out needn’t always be an unhealthy affair where there is no connection between the folks who run and place and the customers. A very novel thought if you ask me and I am yet to visit them again after the launch which I shall do very soon. Meanwhile, do visit Maias with your mom and am sure she’s gonna be treated in the best way possible here, or if you stay away from your hometown, then this place will surely remind you of your mom’s cooking.

Maia also has a dedicated email id where moms can share their recipes that will be featured in the restaurant:

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