Bowl Manifesto Food Festival at Mamagoto, Indiranagar

Grubitizer is back with yet another post and this time it is about Mamagoto’s limited period food festival called the Bowl Manifesto. I was invited here to try out the festive spread and was totally impressed by these massively elaborate one bowl meals where the base ingredient is rice and noodles that are paired with gravies made from seafood, meat, and a whole lot of exotic veggies. The food festival is on till the 20th of May so hurry up and devour yourself in these bowled beauties that are sure to take you for a quick spin across the Asian streets.

Started our meal with Unbelievabao, we had both the chicken and duck variants and personally speaking it was the duck that ticked the right boxes. These are not served in a bowl unlike the name of the food festival but as Mamagoto says, these are Superbowl worthy!

We then had almost every dish from the special menu, the first to arrive was the Aromatic Rice Meal. Tofu and Seafood (basa/sole fish) being the two options here, the aromatic chilli sauce with your choice of meat goes really well with jasmine fried rice and rocket salad.

Next came in the Medium Hot Mushroom and 8 Treasure Chicken Bowl, the former having assorted mushroom, chilli reduction, dry red chillies and spring onions mixed with udon noodles. 8 Treasure Bowl, chicken or lamb and vegetables in garlic sauce is a visual delight in itself, if you are a sucker for spicy food then you should definitely go for this!


8 Treasure Bowl (Chicken)

Next up was Tofu 2 way, a busy looking bowl that has fried tofu garnished with salt and pepper along which is beside pepper spiced udon noodles. Quite heavy on the tummy but this one scores full marks for the flavours it imparts.


Tofu 2 Way

In Da House Pork is slow cooked pork that has subtle flavours of chives in peppery wine and is served with Cantonese style vegetables and udon noodles. Our bowl manifesto session ended with a beautiful serving of Hot China Action, here you get slow poached chicken with Schezwan chilli oil and accompanied by sticky fried rice.


Hot China Action

The mandatory dessert orders whenever we are at Mamagoto are the coconut and palm sugar ice cream along with Choco walnut fudge in a cup of vanilla ice cream.

So this is it people, the Bowl Manifesto at Mamagoto brings in plenty of exotic and uniquely flavoured one-bowl meals that are sure to interest you. We tried everything that was on offer here and personally speaking each and every dish has its own USP and to cover all of this you might want to visit Mamagoto multiple times, yeah it is that good and totally worth it.