Experiencing Wonderla Resort, Bangalore

One thing we all are looking for during the holiday season is that perfect getaway to escape from the chaotic city life and get cocooned in a surrounding that is away from the maddening crowd and lets you relax in the best possible way. We all know about Wonderla, it is christened with the title of India’s best amusement park, but what you also need to also know is about Wonderla Resort, which is all set to let you experience luxurious living during your stay here. Read on to know more about our experience.

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Next Stop Kolkata – Festival Menu at Monkey Bar, Indiranagar

Next Stop Kolkata! is Monkey Bar’s take at recreating the finest flavours derived from the iconic streets of Kolkata. With the onset of Durga Pujo, the celebrations we see around Bangalore and other parts of the country in the form of Pandals where people from all walks of life come to enjoy the festivities is a delightful sight in itself, while we prepare ourselves to witness the grandeur of the festival, let’s not forget about the much needed Peyt Pujo as that’s something this post is gonna talk about.

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