Amore – The Cake Boutique, Bangalore

Home baking is an art that a lot of folks are turning their attention on to, be it a customer who requires a personalized cake or a get-together where the ask is for a dozen brownies and cupcakes, the amount of personalization that can go in your order is beyond imagination. Amore Cake Boutique is one such venture that curates customized products catering to people who are looking for quality and a great ordering experience. I got to try few of their products and folks at my place were mighty happy with what they got to taste, their perception towards baked items have changed for good and this post aims at creating the same awareness to all my readers.

I was recently part of an interesting one-day event by FBAI, the title of the event was #HomeBakerMatters. An interesting one day conference that featured discussions on various topics like making home baking a business, kitchen hygiene, global baking trends, alternate ingredients used by home bakers and so on, the event also featured panel discussions with celebrity chefs and industry experts. To be honest, I don’t bake but after attending this conference my understanding of the entire home baking business definitely increased two folds.


Coming back to this post which is about Amore Cake Boutique, Amore here stands for ‘Love’ in Italian! The brand is run by Ritu, a home baker and in her words ‘This brand literally took shape in our home kitchen in an attempt to satisfy my son’s dessert cravings. We used to buy cakes and pastries from outside and slowly started experimenting at home and reading about the ingredients that go into it’. Ritu is well read and informed about the difference between compound chocolate and coverture chocolate, cocoa butter and vegetable oil, locally available food colouring agents and FDA approved ones and so on. As a rule, Ritu believes in selling products from Amore that her family members can be served with, and as a customer, this results in you receiving high quality baked delicacies. All bakes made at Amore Cake Boutique are made from scratch and with highest quality raw materials available.

Things that I got to try from Amore:

Macarons, the box had two flavours – Raspberry and Bailey Irish. These shiny moulds were crisp on the outside and melt in the mouth the moment you bite into them. The moist filling oozes out the chosen flavour in a very subtle way.


Mocha Salted Caramel Cupcakes, the beauty here lies in the caramel filled cakes and an equally delightful coffee flavoured topping, loved the way it was presented.


Belgian Chocolate Brownies came in large quantity, well that’s how you are supposed to order them! Loved the texture and overall feel to it, reminded me of the brownies I had from the famous theobroma in Mumbai, yes they were that good!


Blueberry Cheesecake in a Jar, I am a fan of jar desserts for the ease at which it can be had. This one excelled in the texture of the cake and the freshness of blueberries on top, I wish the biscuit layer at the bottom was a bit thicker but that’s how I like it to be, overall it had a good balance between the silky smooth cake with a tinge of crunchiness!


So overall, churning out good products and letting the customer enjoy the process right from placing the order to seeing the outcome is something you can expect by choosing home bakers. Though home baking is a bit unorganized, the FnB sector is realising the value and things are changing gradually for good. Ritu believes with time, people will realize the hard work a baker put in their work.


Orders at Amore can be placed via their Facebook, Instagram page or WhatsApp and delivery are done by an agency which specializes in delivering cakes.

Facebook Page:

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