Maia – Eat, Bake, Mom!

We have many restaurants in Namma Bengaluru, some of them are functional, some are considered to be posh and some restaurants claim to use homemade ingredients, am sure whatever I mentioned up here doesn’t follow any sequence and probably sounds meaningless but what I want to convey is that the  list of variety available here is literally endless! Maia is a restaurant that follows a very interesting concept, as the name itself suggests this restaurant is all about giving back to the mothers, the most important person in our life. It is not a typical restaurant where you walk in, order food and then scoot after paying the bill, there is a lot more that they have to offer! So read on to know more about this wonderful venture 🙂

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RMZ EcoWorld – Workplace Redefined

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, obvious reasons being it is the epicenter of India’s Information Technology industry. This by default translates to setting up of major IT hubs (a.k.a Tech Parks), now these IT parks come under the category of most boring places and one would probably not even imagine visiting them unless it is their work location. Majority of companies have in house facilities which does the job of keeping their employees entertained, but again the diversity here is vast, for example Company-1 might have more recreational facilities and in house restaurants than Company-2. RMZ EcoWorld breaks the monotony here by including a first of its kind health lounge called Activ which provides space for social, health and sports activities… The tech park also houses an exclusive lifestyle zone called The Bay which offers premium dining and shopping options.

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Tipsy Bull – Bar Stock Exchange @Bellandur

Tipsy bull, the bar stock exchange is relatively a new watering-hole in this part of town. Bellandur has very few classy places and Tipsy Bull has managed to fill that void in the best possible way. This places makes use of technology to entertain its customers, so how this is achieved? First and foremost is that you as a customer can control the prices, sounds cool rite! Now imagine close to 300 people at one time trying to do that. This is done using high speed WiFi, large screens and android/ios apps that show real time prices based on current usage. The algorithm that runs in the background calculates prices based on demand, if a particular drink is being ordered more then its prices shoot up and similarly the other way round. So keeping a constant eye on the screen is recommended as you can get lucky and there are chances that you can buy your drink for half the price value. Sounds exciting rite?

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