Rain Soaked Sunday Brunch at JW Kitchen – JW Marriott Bengaluru

Monsoon is the season where all you would want to do is cosy up and grab yourself a nice and warm cup of tea and something spicy to go with it, the usual snack being hot pakoras that are served with equally spicy chutney! Now, keeping this fact as a baseline, the Monsoon Brunch at JW Kitchen is derived in the best possible way to let you experience the same feeling in a more elaborate manner. Dishes are served hot to suit the delightful weather, it would be the best way to go about a lovely Sunday. Read on to know more about our dining experience!

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Who says beer is only for men?!

The thought that only men drink beer and women don’t like it is more obsolete than a floppy disk saving the world. Many of them opt for beer when chilling at house parties or night clubs. Needless to say, budding brewers do know their audience and they do not have gender bias when making beer.

This International Women’s Day, we tell you the type of personality according to your choice of beer. So whether you are one who is an occasional sipper or someone who is a die-hard beer fan, we tell you what your taste preferences tell about your personality.

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The Biere Club, 5th Anniversary Celebrations!

The Biere Club, Bangalore’s First Brewery witnessed its 5th Anniversary on 25th May. This called for a celebration as they completed five wonderful years of serving some of the finest craft beers and combinations of food that goes well with your drinks! Running a brewery is no easy task and achieving this to perfection continuously from five years is a commendable job. *Pat on the back* to the folks who are responsible to keep this place lively at all times. I was here for their Anniversary celebrations and this post talks about my experience here.

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