Lunch Scenes at Blue Frog, Church Street

So there are few places in Namma Bengaluru that flash my mind when it comes to describing the ideal nightspot for partying with DJs who are hosting parties, famous international and local bands coming down to play, various live performances and so on. Blue Frog is one among them, and with a location that is right at the centre of the city, it has managed to do extremely well even in the times of turmoil (read as highway alcohol ban and the dull period when church street was getting renovated) But then, Blue Frog being a casual lounge does offer an amazing array of food and cocktail options to choose from and this post here will give you all a quick glimpse of what a meal for two on a quiet Sunday afternoon looked like for me. Plus, they’ve got a new menu as well so let’s jump in straight to check out what it looks like.

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