Great Thali Experience – Indian Kitchen, MG Road

Indian Kitchen is your one stop destination to get authentic signature dishes from Kashmir to Kerala, so basically it is known for Pan Indian cuisine. The place takes pride in presenting the rich heritage of Indian cuisine in a very humble manner with more emphasis on taste and richness of every preparation. A lot of restaurants are known for serving full sized Thali (which is usually vegetarian), but at Indian Kitchen you can choose between 4 variants of Thali – Veg, Chicken, Mutton and Fish! The fact that all of this is unlimited makes it even more tempting and irresistible. Adding to that, decor of the place is quirky as the walls here are covered with some intense art work which beg you to stare at them.

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My Cousin’s Place – Electronic City

My Cousin’s place is one humble looking restaurant located in Electronic City Phase – 1 (on Velanki Drive, little before Paradise Biryani) and has a very different concept for a restaurant known for serving cuisines that is influenced from countries across the world. So the folks here follow a zero wastage policy, this translates to the fact that your food is prepared right from scratch after you place the order. It also ensures that the raw materials are carefully picked based on the size of current order. Yes, this also means that your order might served lil later than usual but hey, we gotta respect that nothing is going waste eventually. Second thing is the cyclic/changing menu system- this sort of volatile nature of the menu helps you get variety of options on every visit. An extremely good move to keep the curiosity and interest alive.

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Tipsy Bull – Bar Stock Exchange @Bellandur

Tipsy bull, the bar stock exchange is relatively a new watering-hole in this part of town. Bellandur has very few classy places and Tipsy Bull has managed to fill that void in the best possible way. This places makes use of technology to entertain its customers, so how this is achieved? First and foremost is that you as a customer can control the prices, sounds cool rite! Now imagine close to 300 people at one time trying to do that. This is doneĀ using high speed WiFi, large screens and android/ios apps that show real time prices based on current usage. The algorithm that runs in the background calculates prices based on demand, if a particular drink is being ordered more then its prices shoot up and similarly the other way round. So keeping a constant eye on the screen is recommended as you can get lucky and there are chances that you can buy your drink for half the price value. Sounds exciting rite?

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