Three Dots & a Dash, Indiranagar

Three Dots & a Dash is probably that one place in Bangalore which takes you to the tropical setting of Hawaii the moment you step in. The name Three Dots & a Dash comes from a drink which was made by one of the greatest cocktail creators ‘Don the Beachcomber, and it symbolizes the letter ‘V’ in Morse Code. V stands for victory which by default means celebration and the drink here was created as a tribute to the American soldiers who fought beside him during World War 2. I was here as part of their anniversary celebrations along with other bloggers which also marked the launch of their new cocktail and food menu.

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The Chef Post – A portal to connect with your favourite Chef!

Food is one of the basic necessities for any living being, but what happens when the same food becomes a billion dollar market worldwide? Well, that’s when different ventures and ideas take birth which try to simplify problems associated with everything that revolves around food business. I was present at the grand launch of the ChefPost which was nothing short of a page 3 event.

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The Chug – Garage Bar, Nagawara

The Chug – Garage Bar is one of the newest pubs in the town which is all set to engage a very different kind of audience, the bikers! Well, I must make it clear that this establishment does not promote mixing drinks with riding in any way, it is in fact built in such a way that any true biker from heart will relate to everything he/she sees inside. I was here for the launch party which saw the crowd groove to the beats of DJ Ivan. Read my experience to know more about this one of a kind bikers pub.

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