Grand Gardenia Brunch, the finest Sunday Brunch in Bangalore at ITC Gardenia

Sunday Brunches are probably the most sought after weekly event that a lot of folks out there are eagerly waiting for, I personally get tons of messages asking for the best deal out there in Namma Bengaluru and that’s when I get confused, why? Because of so many options available! This post is for people who are looking at having the most exquisite and premium brunching experience, it is about the Grand Gardenia Brunch at ITC Gardenia! The experience is a culinary celebration in its own right which comes alive through the variety of never ending gourmet food on offer.

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Rain Soaked Sunday Brunch at JW Kitchen – JW Marriott Bengaluru

Monsoon is the season where all you would want to do is cosy up and grab yourself a nice and warm cup of tea and something spicy to go with it, the usual snack being hot pakoras that are served with equally spicy chutney! Now, keeping this fact as a baseline, the Monsoon Brunch at JW Kitchen is derived in the best possible way to let you experience the same feeling in a more elaborate manner. Dishes are served hot to suit the delightful weather, it would be the best way to go about a lovely Sunday. Read on to know more about our dining experience!

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Hawker’s Brunch at High Ultra Lounge

High Ultra Lounge brings you the city’s most exciting brunch, the Hawker’s Brunch. The brunch setup is a combination of live stations that will serve Grills, Maki Sushi, exotic Pan-Asian dishes, Desserts and an elaborate set of options for Main Course buffet. The bartenders do an equally good job at keeping you hydrated with amazing cocktail creations based on your choice of liquor. Sunday Brunch has been an evolving trend where every brand is trying to establish its own USP and the ever hungry crowd of Namma Bengaluru welcomes each unique concept with open arms, so what’s so special about High Ultra Lounge? Well, read on to know more about it!

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