Lunch scenes at the newly opened brewery called The Whitefield Arms!

Whitefield used to be one of those places where folks of Bangalore had to think twice before heading there, there are two main reasons for this: 1) Lot of IT parks which remind you of your workplace 2) Scarcity of good restaurants and pubs. Well, I can’t comment about the former as that is still the case with most of us 😀 but, in recent times there has been an upward trend in the quality of restaurants  you find in Whitefield. I remember everyone in our office going gaga over Whitefield Social when it was launched, soon there were players like Beer Cafe, The Irish House and Biergarten that came into existence and all of a sudden you realize that Whitefield is not a bad place at all! This post talks about The Whitefield Arms which is a part of The Waverly Hotel & Residences group. TWA is a modern British styled pub located in a peaceful corner of VR Bengaluru.

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