Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe – Koramangala!

A café that has its name derived from the word ‘energy’ definitely has got to do something with healthy and nutritious things. So Enerjuvate is one of the very few establishments in Namma Bengaluru that completely focuses on ways to implement healthy lifestyle, and by this, I don’t mean food alone, so read on to know more about this quaint lil café tucked in a peaceful corner of Koramangala.


In-house Store

So, apart from a menu that speaks of healthy ingredients at large, they do host various activities and events like yoga and Zumba classes, theatre shows, and movie/music nights and so on, the list is endless. So if you want to get the complete list then do follow them on Facebook! To me, this is nothing short of a studio where you get to indulge in good food and also take part in high adrenaline physical activities, all at the same time.

We were here on a weekend where Yogacaro was the instructor and we all had an intense 40 mins of intense yoga session followed by a full-fledged lunch! We began with the drinks, Kombucha, Lemon Grass Basil Lime Water, Almond Milk Thandai and Carrot Ginger Ale came on to our table, we preferred sitting outside. It was my first attempt at trying Kombucha and I totally loved it, ingredients here are the fermented probiotic tea that has apple cinnamon and pineapple mint. Next up that I tried was the almond milk thandai, a very refreshing drink that’s nice and thick and had fennel seeds, cardamom, pepper, melon seeds, saffron and dates.

For starters we had the elaborate spread of momosa platter, that’s like a healthy take on a fusion between momos and samosa. The pseudo crispy outer layer makes way for a delightful filling. Thai Paan was the next highlight, again, something that I had it for the first time here. These are lettuce wraps with a Thai twist, so you gotta take the lettuce, fill it with ginger, onions, sprouts, coconut flakes and toasted peanuts, the flavours play along well and this easily is one of the must order items here.

Cucumber Boats and Beetroot Walnut Medley were up next, the former being a complete raw preparation and gives a much needed cooling effect to the internals, much needed during summers, isn’t it!

We then had the Enerjuvate Special Pizza, it is the wheat base pizza that had a generous topping of sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic slices, marinara sauce, chopped onions, mozzarella cheese, rocket and crumbled feta, pizza eating just got guilt free!

Our pre main-course dishes kept coming in and I got to try the potato wedges platter, sandwizza, the pizza inspired sandwich that’s made from semi crisp pita bread (as they’re toasted), its slightly on the spicier side but not as much as you would expect, but then that’s how I liked it. Stir Fry Veggie Wrap came in and it was cut into tiny pieces, one bite and the feel-good factor goes upwards, thanks to the crunchy veggies mixed with hot cashew sauce.


Khao Suey



Khao Suey and Tibetan Thukpa is Enerjuvate’s take on the Asian cuisine and what better way to make give it a healthier twist, Thukpa here uses ragi noodles. We ended our eating streak with sharing portions of delish chilli momos, jowar tri colour gnocchi with yellow sauce, veggie zoodle bowl. We had a lot of food and I know eating so much in other places might have bloated your tummy but this wasn’t the case here, we felt full in a very comfortable way.

Dessert was a brilliantly platted set of four desserts from their menu – the Choco chia cup, pineapple cranberry cake, Choco mint ganache tarts and banana peanut crunch. Even though all of these are on the healthier side, they do perfect justice to the dessert course. The best part about the menu here is that it gives out each and every detail for all the dishes, you get to know if the dish is kid friendly, gluten free/or not, local special, chef’s recommendation, vegan or spicy and this is by far the most elaborately devised menu that I have seen elsewhere.


Choco Chia Cup | Pineapple Cranberry Cake | ChocoMint Ganache Tarts | Banana Peanut Crunch

Overall, Enerjuvate Studio and Café is that one place if you eat out regularly and want to indulge in healthy binging. This being a complete vegetarian café this might not impress the hard-core non-vegetarians, but all I can say is you gotta try the food here to understand how good this cafe is. I personally was super impressed on seeing how each dish tries to maintain the authenticity and at the same time made use of all healthy ingredients. They’ve got another outlet in Jayanagar which too follows the same suit and I shall be visiting them soon, so till then eat healthy and stay healthy J

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