Great Thali Experience – Indian Kitchen, MG Road

Indian Kitchen is your one stop destination to get authentic signature dishes from Kashmir to Kerala, so basically it is known for Pan Indian cuisine. The place takes pride in presenting the rich heritage of Indian cuisine in a very humble manner with more emphasis on taste and richness of every preparation. A lot of restaurants are known for serving full sized Thali (which is usually vegetarian), but at Indian Kitchen you can choose between 4 variants of Thali – Veg, Chicken, Mutton and Fish! The fact that all of this is unlimited makes it even more tempting and irresistible. Adding to that, decor of the place is quirky as the walls here are covered with some intense art work which beg you to stare at them.

Menu here is interesting and can easily confuse you unless you are a hard core foodie who knows various cuisines in and out, but the folks at Indian Kitchen have done a great job of overcoming this by adding a small description below every dish to give you an idea of what your order is gonna look like. This article talks about my experience of trying out the Unlimited Thali. Do note that the dishes which are a part of Thali can be had separately as a la Carte in case you do not wish to go for a full fledged meal.

Indian Kitchen is located beside Canara Bank on MG Road and they have indoor and outdoor seating options, we preferred the outdoors as it was well lit and this would help us with our pictures 😛 Chef Shaik Istekhar Mohammed accompanied us all throughout and shared so much knowledge about his journey in the food industry, a very interesting person to interact with 🙂

D2_BabaJiKiBooti (2)

Baba Ji Ki Booti

D1MustAmrut (2)

Mast Amrud

The scorching heat meant we had to try out some beverages and we decided to stick to some refreshing mocktails which have got amusing names.
We tried Baba Ji Ki Booti which is a Paan flavored drink and comes in a Kulhad. Mast Amrud is a spicy mixture of Guava juice and green chili along with hints of Chaa masala and lime.

D4_HerbalDawa (2)

Herbal Dawa

D3KheechMeriPhoto (2)

Kheech Meri Photo

Khich Meri Photo is definitely a looker, it has Kokum and Black pepper in mint lemonade. Herbal Dawa is a healthy mix of Green apple with basil in a lime soda base, I would have preferred this drink if the Soda part was excluded.


Ganne Ka juice

Fresh Ganne Ka Juice is freshly extracted Cane juice with no frills attached.

Lets come to the most interesting part – Thalis! The concept around it is simple, every thali has a fixed set of items and the difference lies in the curries that accompany them. You get Dal Tadka, Dak Khichdi, Curd Rice, Puri as accompaniments with every thali you go for.


Veg Thali

Veg Thali comes with Nizami Handi and Baby Corn Dhingri Hara Pyaaz where the former is assorted vegetables cooked in an actual Handi. Similarly, Chicken Thali has Murgh Anarkali which is chicken in spicy tomato gravy garnished with cream and Murgh Patiyala, spicy shredded chicken wrapped in egg crepes dipped in thick brown gravy. These for a change went well with Puri!!


Mutton Thali

Mutton Thali was decorated by a special curry called Gohst-e-Chukandar which is a very famous Kashmiri dish, the rich and flavorful gravy is made out of Onion, Tomato masala and beetroot which imparts a lot of tast to the lamb leg. Gosht Kaali Mirch is red gravy with succelent lamb pieces which is spiked with a lot of spices. I paired it with Tawa Parathas (hidden beneath the Puris).


Fish Thali

Fish Thali here was something which was lil out of sync as the accompaniments here were unchanged from what was seen in other Thalis, I expected it to have more coastal touch. Nonetheless, it came with Fish Tikka Masala which is Fish tikkas cooked with tomato masala and Macchi Kadai.

Dessert quota was taken care by Rabdi Malpua and Indian Kitchen Payesh where the former was heavy as expected and Payesh was relatively lite. Saffron syrup dipped Malpua is something which can never go wrong with Rabdi, the combination is kind of indispensable. Payesh here uses long grained Basmati rice which is flavored with Cardamom, raisins and saffron.


Veg, Murgh, Mutton and Fish Thali!

Unlimited Thali here is equivalent to a buffet spread where each and every dish can be repeated based on order which ensures freshness, this in fact gives Indian Kitchen an upper hand compared to other buffet places. Thali is available for lunch and dinner.

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