The Art of Healthy Eating – EatFit by Cult

We all know Cult, the youngest fitness club that has actually received a cult status among the other health centres across Bangalore. Eat Fit is their delivery only restaurant that serves a wide range of Indian food and fusion cuisine and has a menu that has been tailored keeping in mind the calorie intake and nutrition essentials. I was invited to one of the bloggers meet at Cult HSR that was more of a seminar on the importance of eating healthy, read on to know more about it.

IMG_20170902_131515 (2)

The session was divided into different parts and the first one was conducted by their in-house trainer on how to balance diet according to your workout schedule. Next up was a panel discussion on Health Food Trends in 2020, a very insightful discussion headed by Sheela Krishnaswamy – Diet, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Rishab Telang – Master Trainer at Cult and Jason DeSouza – Delivery Ops Head. The current trend in health food sector was discussed and the audience pitched in with their views, it was pretty interactive and the overall session was actually very informative.  I too asked a question which revolved around – processed food staying in market or will health food go 100% fresh (like Eat.Fit) in near future to which I was told that the trend will not completely shift 100% towards fresh food, there will still be some share of processed food as the they favour the factors – accessibility and bulk manages end to end operations of manages end to end operations of service. The central kitchens are owned and operated by a highly trained staff who have put in the extensive research to customize the food in a way to suit the pallets of the audiences and yet be healthy and fit.


Welcome Drink

We were given a preview of the food that’s on the menu and here is a glimpse of the same:

Roasted Vegetable Salad: Cherry tomatoes, grilled aubergines, roasted carrots and onions mixed with couscous and cottage cheese. This is then topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and paired with balsamic date vinaigrette.

Chicken and Orange Salad: This cold salad has strips of grilled chicken (that is low fat and high protein) tossed with orange wedges, pomegranate seeds, spiced roast carrots, cherry tomatoes, green beans, soaked almonds and feta cheese that is served with a fruity 3-berry dressing.

Buddha’s Bowl with Harissa Cottage Cheese/Chicken: It comes with Harissa grilled Cottage Cheese/Chicken, stuffed mushrooms, lemon-spiced couscous, hummus, mashed beans and spice roasted carrots all of this dressed with a savoury tahini dip.

Rajma, Paneer Masala/ Chicken Khada Masala and Roti: This combo is their take on Indian food, you get aromatic chicken khada masala/flavourful paneer masala and Rajma. Pair it with the roti, mixed veg salad and low-fat pomegranate raita and your meal is set!

Rajma Paneer Roti

Rajma, Paneer Masala and Roti

Dessert was Guilt-Free Brownies that is made from 100% Wheat flour and has 0% refined sugar, quite tasty but then I brownies are something I would prefer having elsewhere!

Overall, it was a day spent well, we all need to be aware of the impact that good and healthy food has on our daily lifestyle. Currently, the services are available across Koramangala, Whitefield and HSR onl.y, they are also planning to expand to other parts of the city.

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