Big Pitcher – Splitwood and Star Lounge

Big Pitcher is a structural beauty, what you get is six massive floors that covers everything from the cowboy theme to Star Lounge seating options, this place has got it all. Massive array of Food and Beverage options combined with superb hospitality and awestruck ambience makes Big Pitcher the most sought after destination for all of your gastronomy needs. I was here on two occasions, one for the new menu tasting at Splitwood and second visit was to get a feel of the uber cool roof top section called Star Lounge. Splitwood offers a rustic feel which is perfect for a nice laid back drinking session. Star Lounge, on the other hand, is that cool person who likes to party and enjoys getting sloshed with a hookah pipe in his hands, the kind of place I would prefer to be in on a Friday night.


BeFunky Collage

If you have been a frequent visitor to Big Pitcher then the words Sarava, Hop Witch, Adjust Maadi and Kingslayer might sound familiar, for people who are new to this place these are the different variants of beer that’s brewed in the massive brewing facility of Big Pitcher. Kingslayer – dark wheat ale is my favourite here.





Starters here are elaborately done, we had the fish in Splitwood water Peking roast chicken that set the right tones in the beginning. This was followed by some really soft and melt in mouth stuffed mushrooms filled with creamy cheese, they call it dum dum mushroom here. Murg Dum Tikka, Vegetable drumsticks were some of the other appetisers we got to gorge on. Sizzling prawns with butter garlic sauce was the winner here.




We had a nice set of cocktails served to us while we were busy with the appetisers – High Sea Adventure, a vodka based cocktail with vanilla and coconut milk that tasted nice and managed to hide the presence of vodka, I remember having this last time where the vodka was a tad bit overpowering, but now it seemed so perfectly right. The Big Pitcher is their signature cocktail that is made using Brandy, Port Wine, Black Tea, Blue Curacao and lime juice, the concoction is slightly strong but the flavours of fruits make balances it out. The main course was dum ki chicken biryani, well this place makes really good biryani considering the fact that Big Pitcher is a watering hole, the chefs have done a great job at it. Our meal ended with Walnut Proline Mousse with Honey Drizzle and Badam Aur Khubani ka Halwa.


Our next stop after few weeks was the Star Lounge, the place calls for a party like atmosphere the minute you step in. The set up with lively and colourful and add to that the airy rooftop ambience makes it even more desirable place to be in during the evenings.



We had the customary serving of beer samplers and this is where we got to sample the seasonal beer – Mango Ale which was done brilliantly. We had the Sizzling chicken with roast sauce and potato fries, roasted vegetables, Lamb chops and Pepper Blast Jamaican Prawns along with it.





The appetisers section here is vast, we then had some hot and steamy Dim Sums with chicken filling that was equally tempting. Well, I was in a wine mood and ordered for the Fratelli Sparkling which was opened with much fanfare.



Overall, Big Pitcher has always been a great place. I have been here many times now and am aware of what food to order that will blend perfectly with my drink, be it a cocktail or a mug of chilled freshly brewed beer. The different themes make sure that you are visiting a different place every time you step into Big Pitcher. Well, yes the sections can no way be compared as they all have their own USPs… But then, if you wanna spend a relaxed time, or if you want to get a lounge-like feel then Splitwood and Star Lounge can be your go to place that will not disappoint you! Cheers

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