Temptey’s – Milkshakes & More, BTM Layout

Milkshakes vs. Thick shakes? If you too are in this confusion then you got to visit Temptey’s. Yes, I know not all Bangaloreans will be aware of this brand and that’s when Grubitizer will come to the rescue 😎 So, Temptey’s as a brand is around a year old and they have opened 13 full-fledged outlets across India in this span one year, well this alone speaks loudly of their favoritism among the crowd. BTM Layout gets Bangalore’s first outlet and the place is so vibrant that will please you from the moment you step in.

IMG_20171108_224849 So, Temptey’s is a complete shake bar that offers a wide range of options ranging from Classic shakes to Exclusive ones. Their menu is exhaustive and you are sure to spend a good amount of time in deciding what to have. I was here a couple of days back to check out what’s so great about this brand and one visit was enough for me to get the facts right! ingredients fruit flavor

As they say, the shake artists here introduced ice cream bases called Gelato and Avalanche which are your best bet when it comes to making shakes. Certain highlights that make Temptey’s even more desirable:

  • They maintain low sugar levels in their in-house made ice creams that just feels so perfect.
  • The raw materials used are of superior quality and are procured from Italy.
  • Shakes contain real fruits and pastes
  • Advantages of Gelato based shakes – All natural ingredients, half the calories than an ice cream, they’re rich in protein, more creamy and contains less fat
  • Advantages of Yogurt based shakes – Contains Potassium and this helps in curbing hunger, it has probiotics that help in strengthening the immune and digestive system and it contains vitamin B12 that helps the nervous system.

So all these facts and figures are good, but then how do the shakes look like? Well, I was here with a couple of friends and we ordered two shakes each which were enough for us to skip the dinner!

Berry Feast – A perfect blend of forest berries, strawberries, and grapes so they promised that you get the feel of three flavors in one go and that’s exactly how we felt!

INR 199/-

Coffee Brownie – I’ve had chocolate and brownie but this mix of coffee and brownie with a dash of Chocolate was definitely a winner.

INR 169/-

Oreo Minto – My favorite this one is, they’ve got a perfect blend of crunchy Oreo cookies, green mint and ice cream that is topped with whipped cream.

INR 169/-

Ferrero Rocher – Tempteys is also going to be a chocolate lover’s abode. They have the normal range of chocolate shakes where you can choose between kit kat, five stars and melody and so on. What makes it even more special is the range of exclusive choco shakes where the options revolve around premium brands like Lindt, Toblerone, Twix and so on. We ordered the Ferrero Rocher one and it was nicely done.

INR 199/-

Choco Chili Cookies – This was our pick from the Cookies and Cakes section, the homemade cookies that are spiced using chili flakes go well with chocolate, there is no whipped cream in this one as otherwise, the hint of spiciness would have vanished, good thought there!

INR 150/-


You can pass your time here playing these games

Kiwi Sea – This was selected from the classic shakes section (read as single flavored shakes). We opted for Yogurt base for this one as we were suggested that fruit-based flavors here go well with the yogurt base. Perfectly made, we liked this, it is intriguing how yogurt and thick shakes go hand in hand!

There are other options like ‘Make your own shake’ where you can add up to 4 flavours to make your shake look as fancy as possible, then you also have a separate section for Healthy protein shakes which has some really good options like green tea mania (green tea with store made ice cream, sounds interesting right), ola granola which is mix of protein, granola, corn flakes and ice cream topped with honey, carrot and cucumber. So what I wanted to convey is that this place has n number of options that your every visit has the potential to surprise you. I’m surely gonna head back to try out more things here, and I like the tagline – Let’s meet over a Milkshake!!

Click here to know more about Temptey’s

Average Cost for Two: INR 400/-

Address: #386, 7th Main, 7th Cross, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru – 560076

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