FBAI Drinks Bar Crawl – Bangalore Edition

We’re all familiar with concepts like food walk, pub crawl and so on, and it has been long since I was part of any such event. I guess the last one was Food Walk at UB City where we covered close to 6 restaurants in two days. FBAI Drinks Pub Crawl was my first Pub crawl event (yes am serious 😀 ) thanks to Sameer and Salloni – founders of FBAI who along with Roshan from Aspri Spirits and Mitali from Morning Fresh for pulling this one out so well! The location was set to Indiranagar’s 12th Main area and it is one of those streets in Bangalore where you can probably find pubs at every 10 meters. The idea was simple – cover three pubs, grab a unique drink at each one of them, top it up with a magic potion that’ll cure your hangover, socialise with fellow bloggers and yeah, eat some great food on the go!


Our first stop was at Glocal Junction where tried our first drink – The Aperol Spritz, the citrusy Aperitif drink was mixed with a Sparkling wine and the entire concoction was treated with orange slices! The drink as such was pretty lite and it is something that I would enjoy on a hot afternoon. We had a range of appetisers on our table – Dynamite Prawns, Tokri Chat, Chicken Skewers and the extremely good looking veg farmhouse pizza.


Second stop was at Bootlegger where we had a cocktail that was made using the Stolichnaya Vodka. The cocktail 60ml vodka and 30 ml orange juice mixed with Rosemary and cherry bitter extracts, it was slightly on the sweeter side which made it easy to drink! We were treated with an insanely spicy Chicken starter, spiced fries and corn cheese pops.


Sly Granny was our final pit stop. We had a pretty exotic coffee flavoured tequila that goes by the name Patron Xo Café! With over 35% alcohol content it was a pretty potent dose of bitter sweet espresso flavours, but yeah now that the alcohol was kicking in we decided to have a repeat of the same which made us feel better 😀


It was time to try the magic potion that I spoke about earlier, it is called – Morning Fresh, a natural detox drink that helps you overcome hangover the next morning. I had heard a lot about this drink but never got a chance to try it but when I did that day, I can vouch for the fact that Morning Fresh indeed helped me in waking up all fresh and hangover free.

On the whole, it was a fun and informative pub walk. It was great to associate faces to the various social media handles that we’ve been following for a long time now! Do follow the FBAI Drinks on FacebookInstagram and twitter to keep yourself updated on events like these!


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